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July 26, 2006





Maybe you should just let your child not eat red meat. There's plenty of Vegetarian and Vegan children who are healthy, if not healtheir than the meat-eating children... why not let your child pick some of their own food preferences?
I am sorry, but I find this repulsive, since I am a vegan - what is the problem with letting your child not eat a particular kind of animal?


i am glad there are more moms out their who have the same problem, but my son eats only banannas, yogurt, crackers, chicken nuggets, ganola bars, apples, and nothing else. has a vitamin, and juice, milk, and pedisure, ok thats it. i fell that is not enough. i need help, he is health the doctor says so, but my parents are really giving alot of problems about it, help!


When we were kids there was no child-centered food, you say. My mother said, eat it or I will beat you. We are not willing to take those kinds of stands.

But I must say that with my oldest, who was very picky, I didn't care whether she ate or not, and eventually, she ate. She is probably the most adventurous eater I have out of my 5 children.


My 3 year old will eat anything but red meat - his favorite food being tomatoes and green beans. I was so excited - a non-picky eater. Then came child #2. He's going through this phase where the only thing he'll eat is either watermelon or fried foods. I've resorted to batter-coating and frying up veggies to go along with the chicken nuggets. :-)

I totally agree with you on the "kid fare" stuff - didn't exist when I was little. I ate what was served to me (my mom wasn't about to make separate meals for all of us!) or I got hungry. I usually ended up eating most of it!

Good luck!!


I haven't had a problem so far. My son is 4 and eats pretty well, although on occasion, we will offer him healthy food and he will say he isn't hungry. Then, five minutes later he will ask for a snack. Ha! Not. Happening. Anyway, my mom used this trick on us. Dinner was served, and we all ate pretty much the same thing. If we didn't want it, it went in the fridge. Next meal, everyone ate something new, except for those who didn't eat the first meal. Their plate was brought out of the fridge and warmed up. We soon realized that we weren't going to control her. She was the boss.


Wow, you mean to say that I'm not the only mom who has a recalcitrant child eater in her home? Your comments -- in some weird way -- are very soothing to me . . . not that I want you all to be suffering alongside me with kids who won't eat. But still. . .


My now 4 yr. old daughter stayed on an almost put liquid diet for her first two yrs of life. I tried everything as well and nothing worked...she's simply slowly changed her mind. My now 2yr old son is putting forth the same protest and I'm trying all the tricks again to limited success. Look on the bright side, our kids have more organic and creative healthy foods than we ever did.


It's no consolation, I'm sure, but I survived for many years on a diet of hot dogs and chicken noodle soup. It was all I would eat, my mom insists on reminding me on a regular basis. Now, 30+ years later, I've got a child of my own. He's only 9 months old and will eat anything right now. But his dad won't eat vegetables (including any sort of potato), soup (except for Lipton cup of soup), and anything with chunks in it. I see myself in your position in the not-so-far future. Oh, wait, that's right... the grown-up boy in the house is going through that right now! Minus the temper-tantrum of course. Afterall I have to put my foot down at some point.


My five year old is given dinner at daycare, as is my one year old. I pick them up at approximately 5:15 every evening. 15 minutes later, contrary to evidence left on faces, and shirts, they act as if they havent eaten in days. In the words of my five year, "Seriously Mom! Im starving!". What can you do, but feed them, and hope they eat a few bites of what they are given?


Meredith, my five year old son will suffer neither meat, nor whole fruit, nor vegetable under any guise.

He eats rice, spaghetti, soy sauce, parmesan cheese, peanut butter, unsweetened applesauce, fishsticks, chicken nuggets, whole wheat bread, cheerios, oatmeal, gogurt, juiceboxes and french fries. That's it, the whole enchilada. Anything else must be utterly without texture and feature sugar as the first ingredient.

Thank god I have two other children: one who is almost exclusively a carnivore, the other an omnivore, or I would think it had something to do with me. That's the great thing about having more than one kid--it disabuses you of any lingering illusion that its all up to you how they turn out.

I have decided it is just the way he is wired, and I pretty much totally cave into it, as if he were allergic to meat and vegetables. He does seem more sensitive at the sensory level in general than my other children. Noises are noisier, smells are smellier. He once described some objectionable food as being "scratchy on my tongue". He seems to be growing and thriving anyhow.

Lucky for him, he was not the firstborn, or I'd probably have had him in a nutritional rehab program and primed for eating disorders the rest of his life.



This one hits incredibly clos to home - my 3-year-old is so inconsistent and picky that I can only hope she will grow up and be able to eat something other than those items on a children's menu.

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