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July 21, 2006


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I'm very disagree with these kind of relationships among teenagers


I am in the 7th grade and let me tell you parents, most guys are perverts. My friend Lizzy has big breasts and most of the boys always stare at them and try to look down her shirt. Parents i am just doing this to warn you,


I am a seventh grade girl and some of the girls in my class have boyfriends. And one day a girl walked past this kid and the kid slapped her butt. i felt that was really croosing the line. I dont have a boyfriend, but would like one. I feel i am good looking, but am very shy and dont have many guy friends. My mom doesnt let me go out in groups when boys are there, never mind alone. She doesnt trust me because i dont talk to her about boys. i just feel like when i have a boyfriernd and am ready to talk about s e x i will talk. But i feel like 8 grade is a good grade to start dating.


well i'm 11 and also found this site by accident but it is hard 4 a tween girl like my first and only relationship lasted a week or so cuz the boy would break up with me then ask me out again and again please tell your boys not to do this it is realy anoyying also they shouldn't care about who their girl friend hangs out with


Help...My ten year old came to me about a girl, who he met at the local community centre dance. They want to be girlfriend and boyfriend, i tried to be very supportive but i thnk at 10yrs is a little young i don't want him to start sneeking around, any advice? Thank you


Im in the seventh grade and I have this boyfriend. My parents know this but they are concerned about me being with him. I do hold his hand but thats practically it! My friend Steph is going out with this 8th grader and the first night they were "going out" they were already holding hands hugging, snuggling,and stuff like that. We were at a party when all this happened. Do u think we are too young for holding hands?? also snuggling?


I have a 14-year-old boy who does not seem to like girls at all yet. Every time we ask him if there is a girl he likes or even if he has talked to a girl, he hates to talk to us. Either he is really shy or something else I am worried about. He is very handsome and likes stuff every boy does--wrestling, football, etc. He is very intelligent though, and maybe this has something to do with it? I have no clue, and I am starting to get worried that he will never like girls!


Hi im a girl in seventh grade and id like to tell you middle school dating is evcen weirder because then your son will start getting certain things into his head about girls that theyll always let you get in their pants. I'm sorry but this from my point of view and most of the guys in my school are perverts and sissys so me and my friends end up smacking them across the head . i have larger breasts than my friends and guys are always trying to look down my shirt and guys always touch my friends but. dont be surprised when something happens like this and he gets caught by an adult. please take this seriously because it will happen someday with some girlfriend of his. sorry this sort of off subject but im warning you
[I accidentally found this site.SORRY!]


That is so sweet...it makes me want to cry...how innocent! I look at my two boys 2.5 years and not quite 11 months and can't believe how fast they have grown! I can't believe they are going to be in school one day and have girlfriends and at some point I won't be this great "Mama" that they spend their day with and talk to about anything and everything...


I was in love with a boy way back in elementary school. His mom was shocked when I called him when we were only in the fourth grade. we never dated, but we were great friends for the longest time.

Those were the days...

Robin P

When I was in 7th grade,I liked a cute boy named,Billy. One day,Sharon,(who was my friend and Billy's neighbor)told me that Billy wanted her to tell me that he liked me. I told Sharon to tell Billy that I liked him too.
Billy gave Sharon his school picture to give to me. I gave Sharon my picture to give to him.
Apparently,we were then "going out."
When Billy and I saw each other in school,we smiled shyly. Everyone in school was talking about the fact that we were boyfriend/girlfriend.

Two weeks later,Sharon told me that Billy wanted to break up with me. We had never spoken to each other directly the whole time we were "going out" but apparently we were breaking up. I said ok and that was the end of my first relationship.

It's interesting to learn that "dating" hasn't changed.


We've just passed out of the tween to the teen dating, and my 14 year old just had his first date to a matinee. He paid and they walked home together. I am having a terrible time learning the rules for this stage.


I remeber being in that socially awkward stage. I also remember that the first time I had a conversation with my first "boyfriend" over the phone, it was mostly silence since we were too embarrassed to speak to each other. Or was it run off from the social restrictions of elementary school?

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