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July 12, 2006



At 13 months, my daughter is not yet old enough to be repeating inappropriate (though funny) phrases my husband's trying to drill into her. He has, however, managed to instill a bit of the frat house into our home.

When my daughter was seven months old, I came home from work one night to find my husband had taught her to "high five" on command. She now goes around gleefully slapping anyone who offers.

And when she was about ten months old, my hubby taught her to drink from her straw cup, sit back, smack her lips and say, "Aaaahhh!"

She now does this after ever drink she ever takes, beaming around with a self-satisifed smile. You can almost see the desire to burp and loosen her belt one notch.

I told my spouse that while it's cute now, wait until she tries to start dating. My husband looked at me, incredulous, and said, "Are you KIDDING me? If a girl did that on the first date, I'd think she was AWESOME!"


sounds tramatic


That is too funny! My husband does the same thing -- he purposely teaches our sons "adult" words and phrases (not curse words, just things that kids don't usually say). He thinks it is so funny when our 2 year old says them. Drives me NUTS! Now my son calls the female Little People figure who came with the Noah's Ark his "trophy wife" and says "hot babe" when Rachael Ray comes on the TV. Ugh.


You know, it would never have occurred to me to show my daughter the contents of her diaper. But I'm surprised that MY husband hasn't thought of it.

Antique Mommy

Funny! And sadly true. I know.

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