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July 17, 2006



I can certainly empathise. We just travelled from the heart of Africa to Canada with our 2 year old (30 hours door-to-door; child only slept 3 hours). The whole experience really put into perspective the reason for our trip - for the birth of our second child! Sometimes, even when I am convinced my decisions are well thought out and intelligent, I do sometimes have to marvel at the predicaments I get myself into...

I can also empathise with world-traveller-baby-syndrome. Our daughter has already logged more airmiles than my husband and I had accumulated by the end of our college educations. I suppose it is one of the perks (or downsides depending on how you look at it) of our lifestyles.

thanks for making me laugh and reflect!


Hee. I'm taking my daughter solo across Canada next month. Thanks for reminding me what I have to look forward to :)

amy h.

I could have written this myself (although not as eloquently as you)...this is so the story of every plane trip we've ever made with 1 and then with 2 kids. There are always the rolling eyes when they see us coming - luckily sometimes this means that people will move to get away from us! There are the helpful people (always the other moms) and then there are the unwanted advisors who seem to know what your child needs (and are never helpful). LOVED this post - thanks for the laugh!


Oh, I too was the one who cringed when a child set next to me in an airplane. Most of the time I ended up being their playmate or in some cases, the person who "held him for just a minute" while the alone mother tried to get something from the overhead compartment. Travelling with Isabelle to Chicago proved to be uneventful and she either slept or watched a movie the whole time. But I know my time will come. Thanks for the chuckle...and YES...I would have PUNCHED the woman who said that about feeding my child......you're so much better than I.

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