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July 08, 2006



Who says technology is impersonal and reduces our contact with "real life" and humanity?

Lovely post, both of you!!!


For anyone who is wondering if Karen is as warm, engaging and thoughtful in "private" as she is on the worldwide web, muse no more. If anyone thinks it's not possible to have never physically met one of your dearest friends, I can attest to the possibility.

How many times have I opened my email box or tuned into Chookooloonks, and K and I are on the same vibe? Beyond the fact that I am convinced that we adopted the exact same child, we are consistently, almost freakishly embroiled in the inane at the exact same moment. Like, when I'm the most bored, she's posting in Choonks about feeling restless. And a couple of months ago I was pondering cutting my hair. I don't have to tell you the post I found on Choonks that exact same day. We even changed professions the same year: now we're both writers, though for completely different mediums. And now we're both working from home instead of in the office, raising our energetic daughters together.

One of things I appreciate the most about K is that she tolerates me when I'm being a fool. And helps me to know I'm being one in the most affirming, transformative way. How many times have I been in a fog about some life circumstance, and she's invested her creative energy into helping me to see all sides of the equation? Even my husband respects her opinions when I share them with him. If you knew my skeptical guy, that's a high compliment.

We've talked on the phone once: when our daughters were close to coming home. We talked each other's ears off, as though we'd been friends since childhood. But even without that conversation, Karen is as real to me as anyone I can touch--maybe even more so.

If I had a blog, I'd toast her there, but I hope this will suffice. Karen, my friend, you are a priceless gift to me and my family. We *have* to meet some day, just because, but if we never do, our cyberfriendship has been one of the best uses of bandwidth I can imagine. God bless you, love.

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