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July 10, 2006



Just another "amen." I think the MySpace thing has just turned into a story for the media to cover - and I'm tired of hearing about it.

Darci McGrath

Say it loud...say it proud. My 2 teenage daughters each have a MySpace, which I have the password and complete acces to...it is a privilege not a right. A good friend of ours says her daughters are not allowed to have a page - they each have 2 and are members of many groups. I think my way works better.

Robin P

I completely agree with you. I believe it is my job to teach my child about keeping safe. She's only 8 but she knows not to give out personal information on her blog. She writes. I check it and then I publish it on her blog for her. She never does it alone.She knows it's not safe.

I also feel it's my job to teach her about eating correctly,exercise and we've already had a sex talk when she asked about babies. I don't think school should teach these subjects and I don't expect them to. I take my job as her mother very seriously.
We talk about drugs and alcohol and every time a child star is arrested for one of these things,we talk some more.

If,G-d forbid,my child makes a bad choice,I will blame myself for not teaching her better and I will blame her for not coming to me with questions. I will not sue anyone. I take full responsibility for my child. All parents should. Unfortunately,they prefer pointing the finger elsewhere and trying not to take the blame. Idiots!!

The Mad Penciler

Of recent note, a teacher arrested for sexual abuse of a child was a computer teacher who showed the underage children in the school how to set up MySpace sites. In addition to the grooming he was doing during the school day, he was also engaging in provocative chats and posts with the kids.

That was wrong. But, what I find even worst about the whole picture was that one of the parents was ranting and raving about it only to be stopped short when an administrator asked her why her children had sites posted. After the arrest the school administration was monitoring student MySpace sites because after the teacher was out on bail he continued to be in contact with students via MySpace. The mother said that when she asked her kids if they had MySpace sites, they said they didn't, when in fact they did.

My question was why did her kids have computers with internet access in their bedrooms where use of such could not be monitored. Why did the parent believe her children. One thing parents don't realize is that if a kid knows an adult is going to freak about something, the kid will not disclose the information.

The other thing parents need to know is that kids will make up MySpace sites with names that are not recognizeable. Parents need to learn how to use a computer and make sure history settings, at the least monitor activity. All kids are sneaky. That's how they control a world they cannot control. We all were as kids but our world didn't include a window to the entire world like the internet does now.

I'm an educator and I see kids regularly sneaking things and doing things their parents wouldn't like all because the parents don't take time to be responsible. And, they give their kids stuff like internet in the bedroom, telephones in the bedroom or a cell phone, and full access cable T.V. in the bedroom - all are things that need to be monitored because kids are naive and don't understand long term effects - they haven't been alive long enough to know about the future and how it is determined by the now. I once had a parent get mad at me about a student's low grades because the boy had cable t.v. in his room and wasn't doing homework - they fully acknowledged the t.v. was the problem but the child's watching of it was my fault.

Just a word of note to parents regarding sexual abuse by strangers: The above mention teacher had been doing his deeds for three years and it was only disclosed this past May. The children had all gone through some sort of "stranger danger - tell someone if you are inappropriately touched" classes but none of them told because the person doing it was a teacher everyone liked. Finally an eight year old did tell and then it was like a dam breaking with lots of information about other kids he had abused. Some didn't tell because they were afraid the well-liked teacher would get in trouble. It was clear that kids do not understand the magnitude of such things - many of the children cheered when they learned he had been released from jail on bail. They didn't want him back at the school but they were glad he was out of jail because "jail is bad."

This is long, I know, but this is information we all need to mull over so that children are safe.




thank you for saying something I wish more parents would acknowledge and practice. you're a breath of fresh air in an irrational world.


I wholeheartedly agree. As a high school teacher, I hear kids talking about myspace and livejournal all the time and how they use it to meet people from around the world. I stress to them about safety measures and about the dangers of giving out personal info to strangers. I do worry sometimes at the freedom some of these kids have online......where their away messages talk about sleeping in bed with their boyfriend of going on drinking binges. *sigh* Does this mean I'm getting older?

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