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July 02, 2006


Robin P

If kids only knew what they put their parents through!
My heart was racing just reading this.
I'm glad she's safe. You can show her this post when she is older and maybe she'll get it then.
I know they don't do these things on purpose to try to kill us,but sometimes it seems that way.


I can just imagine the horror! My twins did a version of this when they were a bit younger. One ran off towards a road, and the other ran in the opposite direction toward a yard of pit pulls with an extremely low fence. It probably sounds like I'm making that up! Fortunately we do not have heavy traffic here, and I forget which one I ran after. But that whole scene is not one of those memories I like to remember.


I have tears streaming down my face after reading this... this too is my nightmare. In my community recently, a woman was walking through a residential neighbourhood one morning with her 4 year old son. He raced into the street just as a speeding van turned the corner. The boy died at the scene in his mother's arms.
It makes you want to hold them tight and never let them go.


Yeah, my arm hair is still standing up, too. I wonder if it will ever go down.

Thanks, Amy.


Wow. My arm hair is still sticking up straight after reading this. It's amazing how before you become a parent, it's hard to imagine this...but the second you place your own child in that position...wow.

Great writing!

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