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August 12, 2006



I was going to comment and realized I needed to post instead, but I can't get the back link to work. Anyway, I was surprised at where my musings took me.

Thanks for this post.


What a beautiful post. Thank you.


I stumbled upon this site as I was in the process of doing some online research. What inspiring stories to share with your daughter. Parents need to have more such conversations with their children.


Something about your posts always makes me what to comment! :)

I have a saying... "a hijab (headscarf) may just be a piece of cloth, but when placed on a head, it has the ability to make the person wearing it to suddenly appear uneducated!"

I started wearing one about 4 years ago when I was 24 (personal choice) and I can tell you that most people look at me completely different now then when I didn't wear one although I am the same person. I often get "your English is good!" Although its the only language I know! Yet, when I did not wear a hijab... I was "normal". The funny thing about it is that I would go out with my Romanian friend (whose English was not very good), and people would talk to her first assuming that her English would be better than mine!

For about 6 years I had a Jewish client, I stopped working for him when I had my 2nd child... we still keep in touch... he actually emailed me today...
"Hard to talk about the situation in the mid-east with you. Want to and don't want to." he said.
It is hard, but I am not Arab, I am from the Caribbean, so its a bit easier for me as I don't have the emotional history.

Sorry for the long venting story...

My point is... if we teach our children respect for people, humanity might actually have a chance. Every time we go out I encourage my kids to talk to everyone... yesterday they met a new "nana" (she introduced herself that way), and people are actually pretty shocked at how social they are... but why is it so shocking?

Melissa b.

You are such a good mama! I think it's those everyday conversations that add up to a tolerant, loving adult someday. Great post!


Those are great stories and a great answer from your little 'big girl'. She is a smart lady!

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