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August 10, 2006


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Lovely stuff, and I agree about 'you just can't stop' as the one to have, although I have never been able to cope with this name nonsense, so far as I'm concerned they'll always just be 'The Beat'.

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How can we earn world peace through violence?
I'm no peace activist, but the less useless violence in the world, the better

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How do violins work and what does the bow do, I pretty much know how a guitar works and guitars are similar to violins, but I don't quite understand why the bow is needed. Does it do the part of the fingers that strum a guitar.


homeschoolers are unsocialized and afraid of everything. they should not be allowed to attend college.


Homeschooling parents are mostly white, lower middle class people who did not go to a real university and attain a real degree. They are generally racist, homophobic and tend to be republican and could be classified as marginally "white trash." As an employer, I would put homeschooled young adults at the bottom of the pile ie. I would never hire one. They lack work ethic

Brian Plunk

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melissa b.

Carrie, I think when homeschooling works well for a family, it's fabulous. Keep on with your bad self!


I do home school, and it's not always easy. My eldest will sometimes stare at a page of work for hours, when she could easily do it in five minutes. Those days are frustrating. Our schedule is also very fluid. We have to report in to Connections, a home school program in Oregon, so I can't slack off. But she gets some of the stuff done so fast, we have time for naps and stuff. At the same time, she worked through 1.75 grades last year in hardly any time at all per day.

Works for us. Not for everyone.

I Dressed Myself

I've seen both sides of the homeschooled divide and I can tell you that not everyone should be homeschooling their kids. Me...I toy with the idea, but then I see how my three year old automatically disbelieves anything I tell her. She is always so much more willing to do things for a teacher that is not mommy. So I figure I'll let someone else give her the bulk of the book learning and I'll teach her whatever else I can.

Stephanie A.

I'm like you, homeschooling just doesn't fit my personality. I think the idea of it can be really great and if done correctly, it can be a very powerful experience. But yeah, I'd be with you on the suck.

melissa b.

I like that nap/school schedule. It's how a day really ended up looking like sometimes!

Anjali, I can't WAIT for school to begin. We all need a little time away from each other!

Anjali Enjeti-Sydow

Oh this was too funny. I seriously considered homeschooling for a while. Then I realized I wanted time away from my kids! Great post.

Robin P

I could never homeschool. Class would start at 8am. It would start with a nap that lasted until lunch time. After lunch... another nap. Intense school work from 1pm-2pm......then class is dismissed!! Oh wait....I forgot recess.
Thank goodness I send Lillianna to public school.

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