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August 17, 2006



My nuclear family has also isolated itself, though I desperately need the involvement of more friends. We once had a connection to a wonderful group of people but, distance has played a vital role in losing touch and, making friends when you're older seems so difficult. You and your boys are truly blessed!


Great post. You truly are fortunate to have so many wonderful friends. Your boys are lucky too, to have so many different perspectives on life. Sometimes, I wish my daughter had that. As a 'closed' unit, we do tend to isolate ourselves.

Robin P

I need a circle of friends and family for another reason,which is,I can't do everything!
Lillianna loves to be in a garden, ANY garden. She wants to plant,water,weed. That's my idea of "Fear Factor!" I hate that stuff. My friend,Kristy and my mom let her garden with them.
Kristy takes her strawberry picking every year. Oh ya,I go...I just cheer them on or take pictures. Digging in the dirt in the hot sun isn't fun for me.

My step father has taught Lillianna to waltz and swing dance.

Of course Rich and I do a lot with her but we can't do it all. I love sharing my daughter with our "village."

You are so fortunate to have such a loving circle of people to help you. Everyone needs that. Your boys' wives will be very grateful for their upbringing.

(On another note....Kris and I are meeting this Monday. If you're available,email me and I'll tell you where we'll be. I didn't realize you were another Massachusetts mom!)

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