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August 02, 2006



I so remember how hard it was to fit in. And how hard it STILL is. Thanks for writing -- it is nice to know I'm not alone in that.

Robin P

I have made quite a few friends through Lillianna which I always find amusing. I never thought about that before I became a mom.

The relationship you are describing is just like the one I have with my best friend,Liane. She's definitely not a new friend. We met in 7th grade....30 years ago.

It is such a great feeling to have someone you always want to share things with and who understands what you are saying before the words are even out of your mouth. Even though Liane lives far away,we still keep in touch through phone calls and emails and I feel like she is a part of me.
You are lucky to have found such a great friend.

As for feeling comfortable in certain situations...that never seems to change. I still think,"Do I look out of place? Can I find a friend in this crowd?" This is what I think as I enter Lillianna's school for a performance or meeting.

Luckily,since I am friends with the mothers of her friends,someone usually flags me down to sit with them. Thank goodness for my mommy friends!

Maria P.

You could have called this "Making New Friends, Maria". I can completely relate to everything you are saying. It isn't as easy for me to "click" with people, however when I do it, it is totally worth it. Knowing that there is someone else out there who keeps trying too... makes me feel better. Thank you for posting this.


This was lovely. And brought back many memories. I think I need to work on making new friends - and also work on the friends I already have, to make sure they aren't hanging out trying to figure out how to act.

amy h.

I agree with Antique Mommy...very nice. I have to struggle against the introverted, self-conscious side of me that feels insecure about saying "Hi" to a new potential friend. But once I make that friend, watch out...I start talking and you can hardly stop me. I agree that it's usually worth taking the risk. Thanks.

Antique Mommy

So true. No easier now than when I was in the 4th grade. A very insightful post.

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