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August 24, 2006



I have been complaining about this very issue for years. This year each of our kindergartners needs to provide 10 and 12 glue sticks, as well as plates, napkins, and eating utensils.

I have recently discovered that, at least in our district, that the variety of writing medium is considered necessary to teach writing proficiency; that includes the dry erase markers.

I'm done buying supplies that the school keeps; forcing me to buy even more in order for homework to be done. I do not see any justification for the amount of supplies demanded, the use of which is not demonstrated in the work children eventually bring home.

I attended public school; and I did well in public school without even a portion of what schools expect parents to supply these days. We did very well writing with just a pencil and color with just crayons and painting with one type of paints. We used one kind of paper as well.

Right ... I'm rambling.


It's ironic, because I got through Connections Academy, an homeschool program, and they ship me every last pencil, eraser and tube of glue every year. They would even ship a computer, except we have one. I guess it's because their payroll is lower? We live on one income, and I'm sure relieved that I don't have to buy special school clothes OR supplies. I don't know how you guys do it!

melissa b.

JustLinda, I do not suggest that the teachers foot the bill for this stuff. I am a teacher, after all.

And the big stuff is big and hugely important. I'm not diminishing that, but oy, this is part of the boys' education and I wish I felt I was blowing an extra $25 a kid for a reason, not just to color up a page with a special brand of highlighter. I don't have it to spend like that!

Just Linda

I don't know... not sure I can agree. I think it's sad that so much more is being asked and expected from the family, but at the same time I have friends who are teachers and they end up spending so much 'out of pocket' money it's not even funny.

In my district, the bus program was almost cut for kids within 3 miles of school. Instead, they just made the bus stops few and far between. My kid has a LONG walk to her bus stop. Plus they don't start until 9:15 so I can't wait with her. Plus the latchkey program is full. Plus she's not allowed to get on the bus from anywhere but her own stop.

I'd rather the school request me to send it postit notes and fix the BIG problems like the one with our transportation. We're bleeding value left and right - losing recess and PE and music and art and no one seems to care.

I really won't sweat the little stuff, but the big stuff is killing me.


A 2nd AMEN.

Jeanelle Paige


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