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August 20, 2006



That is one of the nice things about being a teacher-I get to do all the back to school shopping! Except, I really wish it didn't cost so much! Also, I'm going back to college for the third time (specialist degree) which starts in a few weeks, so I'll get to do it again!



I thought I was the only person surreptitiously walking through Staples and inhaling rapturously down the school supplies aisle . . .

You've nailed it. I love (and miss) those days of fresh clean pages, sharp pencils, and endless potential. I wish my life was neatly presided over by a bell, and everything was cut-and-dried, with teachers telling me what was expected of me and deadlines clearly marked on the calendar. LIfe was much more black-and-white; you even had report cards to clearly show you how you were doing!

As opposed to this nebulous, messy midst of new motherhood. No starts, no endings, no deadlines, no progress reports, no sleeping in on Saturdays, no feeling of a job well done because the job is never done.

I'm romanticising my childhood, I'm sure, but I'd love to see a report card from my daughter. Even just a pass/fail thing.


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