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August 05, 2006


Antique Mommy

So wonderful that you have kept up with your friends. I tend to move on and never look back. I am dumb about some things.


I had a best friend from childhood, who I see maybe once a year, despite our best intentions, and two who I've found in my adult life, this post spoek to me greatly, thanks for writing, excuse me while I go write them.


Beautiful. I love this post. It brings back memories of my childhood friends...most of which I have lost touch with too. I am still closely connected with only one of them. You made me miss my childhood home in this pot. What a fabulous writer.


Wonderful post. I totally feel this.


I didn't look at the byline and somehow I knew it was you who wrote this! It was confirmed when I got the end. You are a wonderful writer. I'll bet you are an even better nurse. :-)


Beautiful post, Patti! So touching.

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