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August 06, 2006


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For goodness sakes, it's nice to know that I'm not alone! Here's my List Making Confession Story

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Nancy Frye-Swope

For goodness sakes, it's nice to know that I'm not alone! Here's my List Making Confession Story:



Oh, my God, I'm just reading these very funny confessions of fellow list-makers. May I suggest a book out this month (and an October BookSense pick)? "Things to Bring, S#!t to Do...and other inventories of anxiety: my life in lists," by Karen Rizzo. Very funny and pertinent.


I am such a list person. And I get so much satisfaction from scratching out each thing I've accomplished. No little check mark next to each. A big bold line right through it!

Maria P

I make lists too. I have this little brown notebook I bought at Whole Foods that says Lists, Notes, Plans on the outside. I write immediate to do's on my day planner though.


I really identify with this you know , I am a list maker I have a not book i sometimes put them in so i can easily cross items off... how many items are crossed off. not many at all

Robin R

I'm a "to-do today" list writer. But I usually get a late start on the list, because I drink my coffee here at the keyboard. Then the kids stop my progress every 20 minutes or so. Then I run out of steam by about 3 o'clock, and start the countdown to dinner time.

But I have a really cool desk clendar with all my lists on it. At least that way I always know what day it is. :)

Robin P

This just cracked me up,Jo!

The only list I make is a food shopping list and even that back fires on me. Lillianna will ask,"Is that on the list,Mom?" My answer is always the same,"Uhm...well....YES! Yes it is." When she asks to see the list I tell her she can push the cart if she wants to. That always distracts her!

I never have all the things on the list which is why my shopping bill is always so darn high. I am an impulse buyer.
Now you know my secret.

Great post!


Oh, fine then- I will come out of the closet too! I have actual notebooks just for lists. I have lists saved in Word. I am addicted to bookmarks, favorites, technorati, del.icio.us, and others because they are LISTS! I heart lists! I think this way I feel I have a direction that I am heading in, you know?!


I think we should start a club everyone who makes a list and doesn't finish it, come out of the closet!

I make lists, and I even sometimes (like during a holiday season with the multi-tasking going on) make a master list of all my lists. I try to keep them in one place, in a nice notebook, but they end up growing on the back of letters, junk mail, and so on.

There's something very freeing about making a list. It's like I have this worry stone that my mind is rubbing obsessively over and over again: say, "Order the vacation tickets." I feel it going round and round in my head and I can't sleep, afraid I'll forget. So I get up, "purge" my busy brain onto a piece of paper, and sleep like a baby. If I'm working on my blog and visions of cat food start dancing in my head, same thing. And the funniest part? Once I write it down, I'll often not need to look at the list; I'll just remember.

But the best lists for me are the theme lists. One list for "what to bring on vacation", one for groceries, one for "things to get done this week during baby's naptime" (though that list can get preempted by a mommy nap!) and so on.

And here's the sickest part - I like saving some of my lists. They are pratically my diary. I have my organizational book from my pregnancy and it's practically list after list, but those notes show me what I was worrying about, what I was obsessing over, and what I naively thought I had control over! It's a slice-of-life sort of thing, I guess.

Or it's just junk, and I'm a packrat.



Oh how funny! I figured most of the comments would be from people telling me tips on listmaking and instead it's people just like me posting. I love it and thank you all so much.

Knowing there are others who approach lists the same way I do gives me ammo next time the hubby starts complaining. hehe.

Again, thank you all for commenting. I always love "hearing" how others can relate.

Meg L.

LOL - I make lists and then I never look at them again. I'm not sure that it does me much good that way, but I always hope that it has collected my thoughts before I run out the door. Who knows?

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