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August 13, 2006



Thank you for the smile.

Maria P.

Oh I love this post, thank you it made me smile.


Ooh, I love purses, too. More than shoes. More than chocolate (well, almost). Thanks for sharing your perspective -- I'll be toting a giant mom bag soon.


How funny! Love it.


Ha, great essay Kristen! If it makes you feel any better, there is one more category of women that carries gigunda bags besides moms...

New Yorkers.

See, we don't have cars to throw things in. So we just carry everything we own--gym clothes, change of stockings, extra pair of shoes, contents of medicine cabinet, books, magazines, more magazines, bottle of water--all right on our shoulders all day long.

Suburban Turmoil

Thank God the big ass purse is TOTALLY HOT right now! Yay us!


I thought I was the only mom with that dilemma! I still haven't solved it completely to my satisfaction, even with a 14-month-old.
I've got a pretty small purse that houses the "essentials" - wallet, phone, keys. Then there's the Skip Hop diaper bag that clips to the stroller, for those times when you're out for a while, say, at Target or an afternoon at the mall. Space for a few diapers, small toys, snacks, and I'll often throw in my cell phone, wallet, and keys.

Then there's my "non-baby" bag. When I head out to teach or run errands without kiddo, I need something to get me around NYC and house my essentials like book to read on the subway, umbrella, and - I kid you not - the emergency disaster kit, complete with mini flashlight, fm radio, spare batteries, matches and swiss army knife. Hey, it's NYC. And of course, room for wallet, cell phone, and keys.

So I hardly ever carry my real purse any more, which means I never have the lip balm, check book, or eyeglass screwdriver on hand.

Obviously haven't solved my bag dilemma, so it's good to see I'm not alone.


Kathleen Marie

Buy the cute little purse for the night when you and your sexy hubby have a night out. Pamper yourself. Feel like a sexy woman again! Trust me on this. It is important! Funny blog by the way!


Oh thank God somebody out there understands! I STILL have friends trying to do the cute, little purse-thing in vain. Don't get me wrong, if I could get away with it I'd be right there alongside them. So far I've gone the route of the very first diaper bag in the form of dark blue with Winnie the Pook and pals splattered all over it (Yeah, Hubby loved that one! not!), to cute (but not functional) backpack diaper bag; then on to a chartreuse over the shoulder number that passed as a normal purse and got tons of compliments (to Hubby's surprise), and now I don a sporty, red backpack that doubles as a messenger bag should I decide on a change.

It houses EVERYTHING and kills my back, but the very minute I take ANYTHING out of it is when I desperately need it the most.

Sure, Hubby complains that I never answer my phone when he calls; but at least my kids have a mini version of their wardrobe, snacks for an entire day and toys of every caliber to save my sanity during those 'just in cases'.

Again, loved your post and so glad to see that someone relates!


I own plenty of giant purses, but the problem I have is that once in a while, I get to leave the house ALONE to run up to the store. And then, all I need is my wallet, keys and cell phone. I can't find a cute purse SMALL enough to carry just those three things! I may have to resort to using those free totes that come with the Clinique "bonus time" stuff.


I carried a purse in middle school - two adorable miniature duffel bags with a patch of cross-stitch material on them, where I personally cross-stitched my monogram. So preppy.

In high school, we were warned that NOBODY carries a purse, so I put all of my "essentials" in the pocket of my backpack.

Even in college, I never carried one. Just a little ID card holder with my student ID and dorm room key attached.

In the Air Force, I didn't carry a purse either. Have you seen military issue purses? Barf.

Finally, I moved to NYC, where your bag reflects your identity. I don't have a lot of bags, but I love those I do have. The one I carry most frequently is a black nylon Prada backpack - hopelessly out of style now, but extremely handy when hauling around two kids. And dude - it's Prada. I'm not ready to chuck it just yet.

Robin P

So funny.......all moms can relate to this.

Lillianna is almost 9 so I've been out of the diaper bag stage for ages but darn it all....I miss that big old bag.

I want something for daily use that is as big as a piece of carry on luggage on wheels! I need it!! I cart around a lot of crap. Here are some of the essentials I have in my bag:
Liquid bandage bottle (you just never know when you'll get a boo-boo)

Bandaids (see reason above)

Huge wallet with checkbook (no money....just checks!)

2 I.D. badges- one for each job.

Cell phone

silver holder for Splenda packets!(monogrammed with my initials and a coffee cup. It was a gift from my soon to be brother in law)

A large overnight Always pad (that is discreetly zipped in a side pocket. My friends appreciate that I have one if they need it!)

My diabetes test kit

Some type of snack bar in case my blood sugar is an issue

Make-up case

3-4 packages of mints (Working so close to patients,I try to have sweet smelling breath.)

address book

The list is endless!!!!!!!!
Sometimes,I fear I can't leave home. What if I NEED something????

I have to add that I always thought a true mom would have linty chicklets at the bottom of her purse....just like my mom did. The package of gum always spilled inside and I'd rub off the lint before chewing it.....lol.

Great post.


I stumbled upon this site as I was in the process of doing some online research. It's amazing how reliant we are on technology these days. Who could have foreseen them invading our purses?

Darci McGrath

So know this story...I love it. I thought now that I had 2 teenagers I could downsize...nope because they have cell phones, iPods, and wallets. One day...but then I wil be sad.

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