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September 07, 2006



Hey, Robin, guess what -- I hold my pen that way too! And I've never met anyone else who does that. How weird!!!


Earlier this year I (finally) got to meet a group of online friends that I've known for about three years. It was totally surreal to walk into a house and see them in the flesh after seeing so many photos. We all likened it to meeting celebrities or something. (lol)

The incredible thing was that everyone was exactly like I expected them to be. There were no surprises, not one iota of weirdness. We only had two days together -- but what fabulous memories we made!


After facing secondary infertility I joined an international online support group for women with Asherman's Syndrome (uterine scarring), a relatively rare condition. One day a post appeared from a woman from my town. It turned out we had firstborns the same age, and had lots of friends in common. We met for coffee and bonded over shared experiences. She went on to have twins via IVF, I quit the fertility roller coaster and am happy with our only child. But now our kids are in the same kindergarten class, so I look forward to getting to know her better.

Maria P.

I have met a couple of my online friends and they are good friends to me. The first one I met, we have attended each other's children's birthday parties every year and the other her teen daughter babysits my two kids. I have other online friends that I hope to meet one day.

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