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September 29, 2006



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Maria P.

Oh Robin that must be so scary.
Whenever my son has done something questionable I tell him that he is a very smart little boy and I know that he is capable of making good decisions even if his friends are not.

Janet a.k.a Wonder Mom

That's hard. But I know she is a smart lady and knowing that she can talk to you is a huge step. You are such a cool mom and the more you have those talks with her, the more she will gain her confidence in herself and in your relationship...if only I could listen to my own advice...


That is a tough one. My hubby is the same way, within reason. He will let anyone do just about anything to him.

This caused some troubles when he was a kid. After having his heart broken several times, he finally wised up. for him it was something he had to figure out on his own.

Good luck!

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