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September 19, 2006



Signed. I had no idea that this was still legal in any state! Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


In one of those, wow, small world moments, I want to tell all of you that for the last month I have been hearing about and seeing some great letter writing and other outreach on this issue by a person named Anjali from a PA chapter of Mothers and More. Guess what? That Anjali is also our Anjali!!! Another DotMom! Why am I not surprised? DotMoms rock! Thanks Anjali and Mothers & More for all your amazing work on this issue. Isn't DotMoms so cool?


Great article, Cooper. Thanks for doing your part for our cause!

Robin P

You already know my thoughts on this. I did go sign the petition.
Is there a petition to get rid of ALL stupid people in the business world? That would be wonderful!!

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