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September 25, 2006


Robin P

That's it....I'm protesting your posts! They always make me cry and give me a stabbing pain in my heart.

That being said,I know just how you feel. Sometimes I say to Lillianna,"I think that if you could drive a car,you wouldn't need a mother at all." She always says,"I will always need a mother for hugs and snuggles and to love me."

She is one week away from turning 9,so you can imagine her independence at this point. I am proud and sad....but mostly proud.

It is a great feeling to know we have raised them to be independent and adventurous and self confident. That sure beats a clingy child who can't leave their mom. They're usually the ones that are still living at home at 40!

(I think from now on,I'll double check the name on the post before reading it and if it's one of yours,I'll grab a tissue first!)


That proves the great mother you are. Congratulations!


What independent and confident children. You are one lucky momma. I do love the cuddle time in bed though...cherish that.


You must also feel great knowing that you've raised confident children. One of the best things you could give them. Great job!

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