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September 13, 2006


keylogger Mac

This is my first time i visit here. I found interesting things to many in your blog, mostly to the debate.

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Hello girls are always neurotic pregnant or not pregnant they have this syndrome ,
but the Anxious can have it any girl?


it is so nice to know that someone out there has all the same thoughts running through their mind that i am struggling with myself.. we have 2 girls and i am recently fighting the "do we have that third one?" we are also approaching do we do something permanent if not. i think for now we have decided to do nothing on both ends and see what happens down the road.


I have 2 kids and knew where my mommy limit was while I was pregnant with the second. I have watched some mothers keep giving birth long after their personal mommy limit has been reached. I know that having another one would make me a psycho and for the sake of my 2 kiddos we chose to get my tubes tied.
It's wonderful to be able to have sex without worry whenever I feel like it because I'm also one of those crazy women who likes sex more than her husband.
I do occasionally get concerned when my period doesn't show up because of the likelihood of any pregnancy of mine being tubal.


I had to have a hysterectomy for other reasons other than birth control, although we knew we were ready to be done after 2 kids. However, before surgery I had birth dreams every night for a month. Now that it's over, they've stopped.

Congrats on trying again - may it be a quick wait!

Maria P.

I have a long story in this department but I'm too tired to type it out. Good luck conceiving!!!!


My husband is practically begging me to let him get the big-V. We have two boys and I'm pretty sure I'm done, too, but I just don't feel ready to do anything permanent. So, I got the ten-year IUD. I figure that after ten years I'll be too old for more kids, so we can look at a permanent solution for him then. I think it's a win-win--I don't know why he keeps bugging me about it. I guess he REALLY doesn't want any more kids! :)


We will start trying for baby #2 in the next few months (and I always assume I'm pregnant even before it is remotely possible for me to be). We haven't really discussed future birth-control options, but I have pretty much decided that my hubby will be the one to get 'the big snip'. He doesn't know that, of course... :) It is a very big decision and has long-term implications that are scary - I can't go there just yet.


It is a tough decision. I'm hoping that eventually we'll make the right one for us. As for multiple babies, that's also a personal call. My daughter is polar-opposite from my son, but I wouldn't trade her for anyone in the world. It shocked me how well she plays with her brother. They are thick as thieves and would kill for each other. To me, that bond is amazing to watch.


Our only child is three months old and we're already considering permanent birth control. It's a very heavy conversation and something we haven't taken lightly. So far, we're doing pretty well with this parent thing, but we worry more than one might hurt our skills. Multiple is scary!

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