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September 23, 2006



My sister is going to have a baby boy. Looks like we will have our hands full!I just love shopping for her, because girls run in our family. There are so many cute boy clothes out now!

Angela Giles Klocke

Great reminded of why I should be CELEBRATING my baby's 10th birthday this week instead of crying. This was SO TOTALLY her when she was 1-5 years old :D


although my wonderfull ds, bryson hasn't doen all that in one day.. he has managed to smear desitine on the back of my couch, ketchup on my rug, permenant marker on the rug, lipstick on his bed linens, amoung other smaller things(i can't remember any off hte top of my head although i know their are others) he has gotten into in the last lets say 3 mths or so. Oh should i add he can now get out of the house into the garage even unlock the door. (and this doesn't include things he has done before this) he is just such an explorer he is pretty laid back but he really enjoys getting into things like lotion, soap, deseitinE(or other but creams) and smearing it..

i do like this age though

i just keep telling my self, at least they are cute at this age.


Diana Keller

OMG, I didn't think there were two houses like mine anywhere. Sounds just like home, my third child would try the patience of anyone. This child is the only one where I'd like to tie him to his bed. (I don't). I'd lock him in the trunk, but I don't have one. Those are about the only places where I think both him and his surroundings would survive.LOL.I think he would hurt himself in a padded cell when he started climbing the padding on the walls!Good luck for better tomorrows.


I'm so grateful I have a daughter instead, however I always wanted a boy. They just sound like such an adventure.

Good luck!


LOL! This is great!

Reminds me exactly of my son at that age.

Luckily he and I BOTH survived and he is now 14 and I'm head over heels in love with him and all his wonderful pranks he still pulls on me. ;)

amy h.

Harry meet Isa, Isa meet Harry - now you two be good (we'll see how many nanoseconds *that* lasts!). Thanks for the laugh - we've had A LOT of those days around here, although the hole in the tv is a new one - shhhhhhh, I don't want to give her any ideas ;)


Not really serious but you might just want to get a tether for him and connect it to your belt: it might be the only thing to save your sanity and your household goods!

Poor you!


I think Harry needs to come meet my Max. I'll hire a sitter and we can sit outside and drink a bottle of wine, while they "explore."

(A friend sent me this because she thought I might be able to relate. Uh, hell yeah, can I relate!) :)

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