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September 21, 2006


lisa maddox

It does take a village. Unfortunately, some of us live in the boonies, and no one will visit us! I need my aunties!


Hey Anjali, I like the way you think. I also live in suburban Philadelphia, by the way. Maybe I'll see you around some time :)


I really liked this post. It sort captures a feeling that I had but couldn't put my finger on. My cousin, who I grew up with, has her children just call me and my sisters by our first names while I tell us as their aunties. I realize that we are actually their cousins, but it seems more like a generation thing. I realize now that maybe I was also bothered because Auntie is sort of a special thing whereas, by using my first name, there is actually a distance. I think I might forward this article to her and see if she wouldn't agree that we just all go by Auntie. I think the argument here is so well presented that she will capitulate immediately!

Robin P

Every now and then Lillianna will question me,"Is Auntie Belle my 'real' auntie?" I tell her,"Not technically. She's my best friend."
"Is Auntie Kristy my 'real' auntie?" "Uhm...no...another best friend."

"How 'bout Auntie Kara?" "Yes. She is my sister." Then we laugh.

She finds it very intersting and of course I love that she has so many aunts and uncles to love her.

I remember when I was 9,Lillianna's age,I was crushed that my Auntie Bevie wasn't my aunt. She was my mom's best friend. I had always thought we were related.....I guess we were. Relatives of the heart.

Great post!


My daughter calls our close family friends "auntie" and "uncle" because they are part of the family we have created for ourselves. I have one friends son who calls me Auntie and I LOVE it! Also, my mom has children of close friends call her Auntie Grandma which they always find silly but totally like using, too!

I think you are spot on with this idea of community and closeness: sometimes it is a very simple act.


My BFF kids call me Auntie. I love it, because it makes me feel special and very included.

Great thoughts, I really enjoyed it.

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