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October 18, 2006


Maria P.

Most definately Amy! You are doing a great job! I envy you. Isabelle is lucky to have you. :)


Good parents establish traditions their kids will remember forever - for your daughter that Friday donut is something special she does w/her mommy. Good for you;)

Antique Mommy

Yes, I do think you are doing well. Spending time reading together has been a major component in my relationship with my 3-year-oldson. There is just something magical about sitting nestled together with a book.

And I don't find any of the stuff on your bad list to be bad at all. No child ever died from a donut or an occassional trip to McDonalds or (gasp!) even some time in front of the TV.


Someone call family services! Chocolate milk?

Ella rarely gets donuts, so don't let Isabelle be a bad influence!



Wow, I wish I'd had a mom as good as you. I only got one donut every two months.

I better call my mom and have a chat with her!


I totally disagree with you.

There's nothing bad about a chocolate donut for breakfast.


But seriously, it's too easy to get caught up in the comparisons. I'm divorced too, and my ex has questioned some of my choices over the years from the standpoint of a perfect world, idealistic view. It used to make me nuts, now I just order a donut. With nuts. Yum!

Good for you for recognizing that you love your child in all the right ways. Including donuts and candybars.

Robin P

This post really scared and depressed me. I have done everything on your "Bad Mom" list and ten times worse and I've always thought I was a great mom!!

I used to give Lillianna a Dunkin' Donut once a week...frosted with extra sprinkles!!!!! That's brain food,right???

We met with her friends every Wednesday before dance class for two years and had lunch at Wendy's!!!...chicken nuggets and fries!!
The kids and the moms had a blast. Was that bad too?

Even now,at 9,Lillianna gets vanilla,chocolate or strawberry milk with breakfast!!!

Why didn't anyone tell me this made me a bad mom??????????
I hope no one from DSS reads this comment or I'm in deep trouble!!

(You're an awesome mom,Amy, and you know it! I don't know how you do the joint custody thing.
The Dunkin' Donuts issue cracked me up. What mom hasn't fed her kid a donut a week? or every single day?

My dad took me to Mr.Donut for years when I was a kid. We went every Tuesday on his day off. I ate a HUGE powdered donut and a glass of chocolate milk.
I'm still alive at 43.)


Oh, I don't know, Amy. I think all of the items on your bad mom list should be on your good mom list. Don't you think Isabelle would agree?

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