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October 10, 2006



Our first was soooo calm. Our second is our tornado. We have a third, but only b/c we got pregnant quickly (which was very unusual for us), and we didn't know how crazy it would be with #2. We might have stopped there if we'd known! Good thing for us that we didn't. #3 is pretty darn low-key....so far.


I've only had one child...and she was the perfect angel for the first 2 years...slept through the night since she was one month...never really cried that much...very happy...very bubbly...very social. And even though now she's very social...very bubbly still...she can be a terror.....kids change...a great infant can be a horrid toddler...a horrid toddler can be a wonderful pre-teen...and so on and so forth....

:) Loved this post!!


My son (our firstborn) was colicky and pretty much miserable for the first 6 months. The child loved to scream, hated sleep and generally was a handful.

I had twin girls 4.5 years later and I can honestly say taking care of both my 'slug' daughters was MUCH easier than the son. People would marvel at how difficult twins would be but I knew.. one colicky kid is much harder than two slug babies (who slept!)


This isn't helping my pregnant-with-2nd-child-right-now condition. First kid--other than nursing every 1.5 hours for the first 2 years of his life and never sleeping a solid chunck of time til he was 2.5 years old--was an angel. I am a bit fearful of who this next one will turn out like...


enjoyed the article. I see that you live in COlorado. We'd like to visit in December with our 4 and 2 yr old girls. Is there a place you'd recommend as more kid-friendly than others? Thanks a lot!


Oh, that sounds just like me and my sis, except opposite. I was the first and the easy one. Then my sister came and was an absolute hellion. That's why there's only two of us.

My first has been very very easy going and done fine. Now my mom says with baited breath: just you wait, your time will come.

thanks for jinxing us mom!


We just had #3. And I'm still numb from it all. Funny post!!

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