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October 23, 2006


Antique Mommy

Cheese dip for dinner? Wow. You must be like the most popular mom on the block!


I'm all about grocery delivery. I use Peapod once every 2 or 3 weeks, have a weekly produce delivery and hit Costco and Trade Joe's about once a month.

Now the discussion about pleasing everyone - well that's a different story. To be honest - I make one meal for my family and if they don't like it they get PBJ after they've had a couple of bites of whatever - or left over mac & cheese or whatever... There's nothing more frustrating that making a nice meal and hearing "yuck!"

Robin P

I always feel like a bad mom and wife because sometimes,I don't care if anyone eats a meal!

I am on a fairly restricted diet because of my diabetes and pancreatitis. I made a YUMMY low fat taco soup recipe which I ate for dinner last night.

I knew Rich would gag when he saw it so I made him a pastrami sandwich.
Lillianna barely entered the kitchen when she smelled it so she got pasta with lemon/chicken broth.

There is rarely a meal that I can make that will please the 3 of us.
Even when I make my home made chicken soup....
I eat chicken,veggies,noodles and broth.

Rich eats chicken,broth and extra noodles,no veggies.

Lillianna eats broth,noodles and carrots only! No chicken or celery.

I hate food shopping. I hate cooking. For me,being a short order cook is very tiring but we simply don't like the same foods. I can't force them to eat what I eat and I clearly don't want them to starve.

What's a mom to do??

Maria P.

I can totally relate.

Trying to get everyone to eat healthy and not take up a ton of time and fit in a budget is insane.

I have given up on trying to accomplish all three at once. Depending on a number of factors I aim for maybe two of those at a time. Healthy + everyone will eat it or Budget + doesn't take long.

That is why I love the spinach and pesto frozen organic pizzas. They accomplish a little bit of all three at once. Doesn't take long, better for you than Pizza Hut and is cheaper.

Hang in there!


How about you make the menu's and the grocery list and he does the shopping? Maybe he would appreciate the time alone as a stay at home dad.

My husband took over the food shopping years ago, bless his heart. We were terrible shopping together!

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