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October 24, 2006


Edna Hart

Woman are ALWAYS being told what they should look like by magazines--Let me tell us what to do--STOP BUYING THE MAGAZINES AND THAT WILL PUT AN END TO IT. Here is a unique idea--How about if we just like ourselves the way we are--All one of a kind-NOT cookie cutter images of what someone else tells us we should look like. As for make-up--what is so wrong with the way we look without it???


Ah, but doesn't it feel pretty good to get dolled up every now and then?

I've just re-discovered clothes and makeup after wearing sweats for ten years. Now all I need is a mound of cash to buy some new clothes!


Very well said indeed. Personally I feel one of the privileges of WAHMa and SAHMs is that we can dress in our tattered-yet-oh-so-comfortable cloths 95% of the time. When I have to dress up for meetings and such, I can't wait for the minute I'll get back home to change.

AMy h.

You are so right! Waaaaay too much pressure on moms to be everything - loved the part you wrote about how we don't ask construction workers or doctors to change their appearance - but it's expected of moms??? AARRRGH!! It's interesting to consider where that pressure is coming from - is it simply the media or is there something more?

Robin P

I figure as long as my teeth are brushed....I'm doing ok! If I can't manage that,a mint works in a pinch!!

Your post reminds me of that 1950's magazine article that comes around at work once a year. Right before your husband comes home,you're supposed to touch up your make-up,reapply your lipstick and put a pretty ribbon in your hair! What???? No pearls? June Cleaver always wore pearls when she cleaned the house!

Sometimes,I think these articles are written by moms with low self esteem or women without kids.

In all my years,I have never heard anyone say,"Wow! You have on designer jeans,a snappy top,cool shoes and you have a gorgeous manicure! Did I mention your hair is picture perfect? You must be the best mom ever!!!"

If you ever hear that somewhere,call me! I want to meet the idiot who said it!

Antique Mommy

Yet another reason why I don't read those magazines. I don't need them to help me feel inadequate.

I think as long as you are wearing earrings, sweatpants are considered fashionable. :)

Country Mouse

Well said.

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