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October 17, 2006



Very impressive that Laura manages to shave her legs every day. That's way more than I could do! :)

I love your essays. Thanks for sharing, even if I don't have cable and am insanely jealous to read about shows that I have no hope of watching.

lauri Jon

Great post Anjali!!! It takes a lot of energy and sleepless nights to do what Laura's doing. And it's even harder when you are your child(rens) primary care giver.

I just recently had a weekend artshow that I prepared for mostly in the evenings for the past two months. On show day I felt wonderful, prepared and fulfilled on a deeply personal, non-mom level. It was great to live in the adult artist skin of mine for two consecutive days... to fulfill that desire to create and be appreciated by other creative people as well.

It made returning to my normal week as mom all the more meaningful, and was a great opportunity to show my nearly 3 yr old daughter that mommy is following her passion too.

Keep writing, one word at a time!


i love seeing moms kick ass in any shape and form. you are right - it is way too easy to go soft when we are not simply focusing on ourselves - and yes, there is a reason for it, but heck, that redhead is making it work.


I am also obsessed with Project Runway- I have to give Laura major props for finishing her collection while being so pregnant. My god- all I did was sit on the couch and complain my entire pregnancy about everything hurting. If I brushed my teeth once a day, I considered myself accomplished.

Can't wait to find out who wins!


Go Anjali! Thanks so much for sharing this with us. Root her on for me, too. And here's me, rooting for you.


I can relate...hard to sit down and come up with impassioned/amazing/intelligent writing after a day of facing spit up and diaper changes. My "mentor" is the author Carol Shields, who went on to write Pulitzer- and numerous other-prize winning books after mothering 5 children.


It's nice to have a reminder of how determined we once were.

when you get that novel finished let me know, I'll buy a copy.

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