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October 09, 2006





HMMMM...my doc says he can do it by laser...no "snip snip" per say. It sure made my dh more comfy. How do I know I am done? Because as much as I love my kids, I want a life. I'm done.



I have a godson who is a V-baby. His father was "fixed" quite a few years before his conception. of course the whole, "there is NO WAY this is my baby...I'm FIXED" thing that went through his mind...but after doing his thing in a cup....he had a sperm count of ONE.

:) snip snip isn't fool proof I guess :)


Oh my heck that made me laugh so hard! We have been joking about "it" ever since our daughter was born 15 months ago. I know we still want more, but we all have those days!

I also think it's the least the hubby can do after all we've gone through!


Always a difficult decision - best of luck, and don't forget the frozen peas!

Maria P.

My first pregnancy was so miserable I wouldn't have had a second if I didn't want a girl. Luckily I too got one of each. 6 weeks before my daughter was born my husband got a vasectomy. I swore up and down that I'd never want more children. I would have bet my life. At that time I was so done.

Now, I wish we didn't. I'd love to have two more. However besides the $5k the reversal will cost that could be put towards our huge house remodel, the work and the cost of two more children would not work well with us.

So unless we win the lottery. It looks like two is it for us. I got a cat and a dog instead. Its not the same but its enough work to keep my baby cravings at bay.

Hope your husband heals up quickly. After the sperm has been checked, the sex w/o worries is really nice.


I never really was sure I was done.

When my twins were 2 months old (and still waking every two hours like little dememted clocks)and my son 4.5, husband decided he wanted the procedure. He was DONE. He got the son and daughter he wanted plus a bonus girl baby, he was happy and DONE.

Funny though as when we were dating he always said he wanted 3 kids and I said two would be plenty. Bingo, twins, win win situation.

Here in Canada no need for my consent and he trudged to the doc for his procedure and was a trooper. I was waiting for the inevitable whining/drama but he knew better ;) (Because I would have reminded him I went through a pregnancy, delivery, a miscarriage at 3 months and then a twin pregnancy and vaginal delivery with one twin breech.) He knew better!


I knew I was done when I was in my eighth month and I was still throwing up every single day. He's now 3 1/2 and will continue to be an only child!


I went overseas to visit a friend when I was 4 mos prego. She's NOT, I repeat, NOT a kid person...and she has 4! I was so terrified that I started to think about my own sanity limits. They were reached at 2 and I gleefully had my tubes tied!

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