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October 06, 2006



i've got one month to go, and i have given up. i put on 5 lbs in this last week ALONE.

i figure i'll worry about it in january. when i have PPD and the holidays are over. yeah.


I can totally relate to this funny post, b/c with my first baby, my brother called me a "linebacker" too and was only 5 months pregnant. And I didn't wear it well b/c I'm only 5'5". I guess lots of Big Macs and a couch potato didn't really help that.


Dude, you're pregnant? WHERE HAVE I BEEN?


Just browsing blogs and ran across yours.
I am going through the same thing right now and feel for you. I am 7 months along and have gained 40 pounds already. I gained 50 with my first pregnancy. I am also tall and people keep telling me I "wear it well". UGH.


Man, this brings me back Kristen. Love it. And I'm sure you are 100% cuter than you feel.


I know how you feel ...I was never one of those "cute" pregnant girls.
Being 6ft tall and prone to gaining weight when I all but look at a cookie, I gained 97 lbs with my first baby :( I was mortified. With the next couple it was all I could do to keep it under 65lbs. You will loose it fast chasing both those babies .... dont worry, try to enjoy as much as you can *hugs*
PS: stay away from midget playgrounds lol


I think we're sort of pre-programmed when it comes to how we gain and/or spread during pregnancy. I mean sure, eating a gallon of ice cream a day is going to add a bit more but still...

I ate really healthy and watched the fat and calories for most of my first pregnancy and didn't exercise at all. I gained 38 lbs.

For my second, I ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and didn't exercise at all. I gained 38 lbs.


Enjoy yourself (as much as you're able)



awww honey, it will all come off. Its the nature of the beast. Take comfort in the fact taht you are not alone....


I'm lucky this time, because when I am pregnant with girls I do the all over spread thing. This time is another boy, where I do the basketball under the shirt thing. HOWEVER, I am at least a foot shorter than you, I have been showing since 12 weeks, and at this point, with 5 weeks to go, I am simply ginormous. My "basketball" is the size of a small boulder. I am getting my bladder pounded and the wind kicked out of my lungs simultaneously, and I can't roll over in bed without help. Maternity clothes don't fit well any more - I go around flashing this band of whiteness at the bottom of my belly where my shirts don't cover. Thing is I've only gained about 25 pounds or so. Weird.

Hang in there, Kristen, it won't be too much longer now.


A funny post! But I know it's not funny when you feel like a big ol' heifer. Recently a gay friend of mine told me (rather awkwardly, which I thought was sweet and rather flattering) that I was a very "cute" pregnant woman when I carried my first baby. Who knew? I bet it won't be like that the second time around. A woman I know brags that she didn't show until she was 6 months pregnant and only gained about 12 pounds through the whole thing. All I can think when I hear her is how unhealthy that is. Most of it isn't up to us anyway. I ate loads of ice-cream and treats in the last six weeks of pregnancy and didn't gain a pound! (But at 3 months I had a healthy bump and everyone thought I'd gain 40 lbs, easy. I gained 30 total and had a teeny baby.) You can never tell!


Well, if he weighs 25 pounds, then hopefully he'll sleep through the night right away.

Dude. You know I'm about six inches shorter than you, and I gained 60 pounds the first time and 45 the second. I wish I'd looked like a linebacker. Instead, I looked like a big pale beach ball with horrible dark roots.


Yeah, I don't get it, either -- my baby was only two ounces off the same weight (and height) as my husband, yet his mother gained about half of what I did. (She said back then, doctors advised women not to gain too much weight.) So weight vs. baby ... ???


LOL...look at the bright side: you're safe walking the streets...scaring off all the hoodlems. LOL I am soo teasing!!
Cute write up!


I understand how you feel, Kristen. Pregnancy doesn't really agree with me either. While I didn't spread all over with my two pregnancies, I just spread outward. So instead of looking like I had one basketball under my shirt, it looked like three in a row! Chasing, or even just merely following, my then 2 yr old was a circus act all by itself. Soaking in the tub always felt good after a long day. But then I'd have to call my husband to help me get up and out! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!


Some of us just gain more during pregnancy. I gained 28 pounds total and had a healthy 8 pound baby. My SIS, who started out smaller than me gained 52 pounds and had a 6 pound baby.

We're all different. As long as they're healthy and you're healthy, what difference does it make?

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