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October 13, 2006


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Hello, my mom is 39 years and she told me to ask what could be a good diet to keep her weight (125 lbs.) because she doesn't wants to get heavier.

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Antique Mommy

Oh man, am I ever rowing in that boat with you. I promised that I would NEVER eat after my child knowing full well that it would add extra pounds, but I do and it has. Beyond that I'm now peri-menopausal and my body shape is changing and my metabolism is slowing and I can either sleep or exercise or blog and well, is it really a choice? Pass the Goldfish.


I lost 120 pounds right after Isabelle was born on Atkins. It was amazing for me to be thinner..(I'm definitely not skinny) but now that she's older I have a hard time sticking to it because I make her carb stuff. I feel your pain :)


I'm also hoping for a miracle. One thing that helps me is giving the kids smaller portions, then if they are still hungry they can have more. If not you don't have anything left to "finish"

It is hard and I think for every load of laundry you should loose 1000 calories. doesn't that sound fair?


First - I have to be in the right groove and I never know when something will trigger the groove - I'm in one now and it's working -but I'm fighting not to slip. My youngest is 2 1/2 and I'm finally w/in 5 lbs of my pre child #3 weight (I would really like to get down to pre-kid #2 size)but I'm taking what I can get.

What's working - pretty much eliminating or reducing bread and sugar and cutting back on my nightly glass or two of wine to weekends only. Quit eating the bun, the rice, the last bite of a sandwich that's just bread. Don't need baked chips w/my lunch - and I think the biggest help are the calcium chews that taste like tootsie rolls (esp if you haven't had a tootsie roll for a while;)

It's just as wasteful to eat food we don't need as it is to toss it and I think Oprah says - nothing tastes as good as being thin.

picking out my own bad habits and cutting them out has helped me lose 14 lbs since July - but as I said - I'm in a groove - I ran into a co-worker who had been looking plump -and she looked awesome. It reminded me that I could do it too.

Exercise - I work in an office w/a gym so I've upped my workout from a 4mph walk to a 5.6 mph jog. I sneak in push ups when I'm at the playground and try to make myself be more active w/the kids rather than just sitting and watching them.

Don't beat yourself up - your kids are small. But don't use the excuse I'll wait til they're in school either - Best of luck


I had my second child just under a year ago and spent the first 8 months lying about, eating constantly (no exaggeration), and driving to get places. One day I realised if I didn't do something, this was going to be me forever. I started walking and I kept a food diary (www.fitday.com is good...and free). Monitoring what I was eating was horrifying. I was eating up to 3000 calories a day and not exercising. What the heck did I expect? I changed my routine. Healthy breakie, big lunch, then get out and walk, especially at that dangerous 4 pm hour when all I want to do is eat. Pounds fell off. I realized I didn't actually need 3000 calories a day, or even 2000 for that matter. I needed to be accountable for everything that went in my mouth. Watching the calories add up during the day helped motivate me to stop picking. I'm in a good spot now, and fitter than I was pre-preggo so I'm rather chuffed with myself. It wasn't as hard as I thought it'd be either. Sure, you have to be hungry once in a while, and you have to get up and move, but hey, for a lifetime of feeling good about yourself, that's a small price to pay. Good luck girls.


I need more than a miracle. I need to go on that reality-fat-people-tv-show. Biggest loser.

That's it.

I am too tired to even do weight watchers again and that is pathetic.


Its true that one of the hardest things to learn about being a mother to young children is how to throw food in the trash. When my daughter was littler, I could put her in the stroller and spend 3 or 4 hours walking, which was brilliant. But now that she is a toddler its not so easy. I think the trick is like it is with all dieting- you start with tiny things like swearing off the leftovers, and eventually they add up.


Pushing the stroller worked for me. Had a 4.5 year old when the twins were born and when son went to pre-school I would walk. And since we did not have a second vehicle at that time and we were so close to town we would walk downtown for entertainment and errands. I lost all of my baby weight.

(And then we got the second vehicle... I gained.)

Awesome Mom

When I have dessert I take a normal portion and share with my mooching toddler. I also try and make it a priority to take the kids on stroller rides frequently. That is about all I can manage to do right now.


I am the opposite. After preparing meals all day O often forget to eat myself. THAT is definately a one way train to fatville..LOL! I bought a treadmill and once I get the motivation I'll use it...hehe.



Salads -- bagged is especially easy, with either deli meats or a grilled meat for the side. And no eating the kids' food!

I didn't get this idea until the kids were in school (by which time I was 55 lbs above my current weight) but this, along with regular exercise (which is also hard to get while the kids are at home) peeled off 55 pounds in less than a year!

Robin P

A few years ago I bumped into a friend I hadn't seen in a while. She was always thin,even when we were kids,but this time,she looked even thinner. I asked what happened and she said,"All the kids are in school now."
I just shook my head in a way that asked,"So what does that mean?"
She laughed when she answered,"I stopped picking off their plates in addition to eating my own meals. Now that I just eat regular meals and not mac and cheese,the edges of pb&j sandwiches,left over crackers and other junk,the weight fell off!"

I guess you have to wait til the kids are in school.

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