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November 27, 2006



Personally, the reason I get so uptight when wished a Merry Xmas (I'm atheist) is because of our current "you're either with us or you're against us" mentality, in this country. I feel not like I'm being offered good wishes for the holiday season, NO MATTER WHAT persuasion I might be, but like it is ASSUMED that I believe in and worship god, and I'd BETTER believe in and worshop god. I live in the south. Having a Darwin fish on your car gets you accosted by "missionaries" in public parking lots. We tend to be a bit defensive, here.


The holiday season is not just about Christianity. In fact, what the world is absorbed with during this season is mostly pagan. Santa and Christmas trees have nothing to do with Christianity, Christmas itself does. I think that any holiday greeting is acceptable... this is the holiday season. Being as I work in retail I often find myself asking customers if they are out "Christmas Shopping"... I wonder if I may offend someone with that suggestion. Maybe I should revert to "holiday shopping", but then, I haven't had anyone proclaim that they don't celebrate Christmas. I guess I could alternate... "Are you Christmas shopping today?" with "Shopping for Chanakuh?" or perhaps "Kwanzaa?"... the point is... this is the holiday season... everyone knows it regardless what, if any traditions you celebrate. As human beings we are warm and fuzzy this time of year. We want to be nice... DEAL WITH IT or stay out of the mall :)


You know I am not christian, and I really don't celebrate christmas, but I also wonder the same thing as you... what is the big deal if people sasy merry chistmas???!

To be honest, I think that it's just about making it more commercial and secular, and less 'religious'.

I do agree with sally that it is a bit over done in north america, but really, I don't think it bothers me at all... you are right, is this the most important thing to worry about?!!

I mean really! And, I know people like to say that Muslims are offended, but as a Muslim, I don't even know anyone that is "offended" by Christmas, or Christmas greetings! The whole thing is a bit absurd.



I think the reason you find people getting their shorts in a bunch about things like Christmas greetings or holidays in the public schools is because they come from a presumtion of Christianity: everyone goes about assuming every one is just like them I am not Christian and I get tired of the invisibility of being not so--I get tired of the complete and total and complete permeation of all public spaces with things Christian for the entire month of December. Of course I know people mean no ill-will by a holiday greeting--but I also know that it comes from a place that isn't as aware of difference as I would like them to be. A bit rambling...but maybe you get my point. Sometimes people may want a little bit of life that isn't about a Christian holiday, which is what the USA in December feels like.


I couldn't agree with you more! Thank you for posting. I hope those who are too politically correct will just relax and enjoy the holidays...no matter which one they celebrate.


You hit the nail right on the head! In fact, I'm going to print your post because you echoed my sentiments exactly!!


Excellent post, Robin!
Your translation or any greeting is just perfect. Everyone should have as much class and graciousness as you!

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