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November 21, 2006


Dana, mother and owner of Lalia(TM)

Congratulations are definitely in order. Children are a true blessing and you will not regret having another baby...especially when you see your little babies developing a relationship. My son is 22 months and my daughter is only 6 months and they already adore one another. My son kisses his sister all the time and it makes me tear-up and say to myself, "this is why I am a mom...for moments like this."


They're always happy accidents.
Best wishes to you and yours


Congratulations! Sibling relationships are so amazing to witness.


The funny thing for us was that even though Miss P was a delightful, generally easy-going infant, and, other than a major league stubborn streak, she's a generally delightful toddler, but we're still freaking out about #2 arriving in June. For us, it's the idea that we lucked out so much the first time, what's in store for us this time?!

Janet a.k.a Wonder Mom

Oh Amy,
Congratulations and take it step by step, day by day. You are all so lucky to have this new little life on the way....

Toddlers do it for me too...Babies, not so much. But toddlers...oooh I love their curiosity and will.


Dear Amy - many congrats. I went through infertility treatments to have my two boys - two difficult miserable infants who turned into joyous funny wonderful toddlers and now big boys. #2 son also has a serious heart defect and in his first 2 years had 3 open heart surgeries (he's thriving now - we are very lucky!)

Unlike you we sort of wanted another but didn't want to go through the treatments - so left the door open. Just as my baby lust was waning - and when I got rid of all of the baby stuff - 6 weeks after the crib went to goodwill - I found out I was pg.

We look at our little girl and she is a bonus in so many wonderful ways. She was my easy baby - altho she's turning into a challenging toddler;)

You know - I was at an outing for heart Moms and I mentioned to someone that I could just skip the first 3 months - that babies are no fun when they're that little and it's just hard work. She looked so relieved. Her Mom had been hounding her about bonding and she was feeling guilty for not bonding w/her son. I have a very strong bond w/all 3 of my children but I can tell you w/the first 2 I certainly didn't feel it for a while.

Hope #2 is your easy one - many congrats and best of luck.


I was an only child and I hated it. I always said I wanted two children. And I have them. They are my Sun and my Flower.
Enjoy your pregnancy (I miss so much being pregnant!!) and I wish you all the best.

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