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November 14, 2006



Kristen, this is the most perfect expression of the basic relationship and support needs of a new mother that I have ever read!

It would be so amazing almost 7 years later, to hear about how you succeeded and the strategy you applied to successfully navigate this critical time of life, marriage and family.


Elizabeth Coplan

Kirsten: I love this story about marriage. It speaks LOUDLY to mothers of challenging children -- more than you may realize. The piece would be perfect for our February edition of A Wild Ride (www.awildride.net). Let me know if we could post your piece with a link to DotMoms (or any other information you would like to include).


You and me both sister... There's a drought here as well.


Oh, Kristin, I wished you lived nearby! You need a good friend to just be with. Hope things looking better soon.

Heather Wallace

Hi, thought you might find this parenting story out of California to be funny...the teen years:


Heather Wallace
Senior Editor
Orato Media Corp.

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