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November 16, 2006



So true. I particularly sympathized with the "when am I off-duty" thing.


Oh, you described a "notsomuch" day perfectly - especially with the books and brushing teeth! LOL!

melissa b.

I love this post. I love the label of "notsomuch days." It's sometimes easy to feel like those days are just failures, but you know what? You're right. It's just a notsomuch day, we did okay, we can now move on to tomorrow! Thank you.

Robin P

Great post! We can all identify with this.

The great days do make up for the ones that aren't so fabulous. Luckily,Lillianna is 9 and we have many more great days than not so great days at this age but I do remember the earlier years when I wanted to run screaming from the house on the not so good days.


Thank you! I loved this post. Even though you know you're not alone in toddler and babyland, it helps so much to have that fact reaffirmed with a post like this.


Ah, those good days are what I call memorable "Mommy Moments!"


Wow, that rings so true, even down to the Diego reference. My 2.5 year old walks around with fake "field journals" and "spotting scopes." Glad to hear that those notsomuch days aren't just happening in our house.

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