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November 30, 2006



Good for you!! Sitting here in NC, cheering you on... :)

amy h.

You go, Girl!


Oh, I feel your pain. My two year old is a terror in the grocery store and I rarely bring her anymore, but I had to take her with me just before American Thanksgiving--when the stores are packed. The only way she would stay in the cart was to be in the basket, not the seat. Yes, I know that it's not safe. And, yes, I know that children have suffered injuries, but I was trying to get a few items and get the hell out without having my child cause a major scene. So when the guy with the Giant Eagle badge said to me, "Do you know that isn't safe?" he was within an inch of having a crate of clementines shoved up his... well, you know where. I hissed back, "Yes, I am aware." but still felt the tears gathering behind my eyes at his judging tone. In the end, I put the clementines back and left the store without buying anything.


I didn't know that about thailand. Great post, I love your writing style. I'm glad you got your shopping done!

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