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November 28, 2006


Dwayne Pech

When my wife was pregnant with our first child, we spent a lot of time looking for maternity clothes. What surprised me was that there was no shortage of shops catering to pregnant women. There are maternity clothes of every size and description, including swim suits. My wife's second maternity shopping was easier, we just ordered the clothes online.

Uk maternity clothes

It is usually during the second trimester that you may start to feel the need for comfortable maternity clothes. As the body begins to experience change, our regular clothes start to feel uncomfortable and tight. Shopping for maternity clothes at your favorite mall or in the many online stores can be fun as there are clothes to suit any pocket.
Uk maternity clothes


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They are too adorable. I cant wait to see more. And the new fabric line I just love. I had my list of what I wanted to order and it looks like I will be adding more. I love the summer colorway. I was thinking of decorating my daughters room with it. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing more!


There are more and more used maternity stores popping up online these days. One such site is http://www.maternagain.com


I usually enjoy shopping for my maternity clothes. I actually feel more confident when pregnant. Maybe because it is an excuse to buy new clothes and then after the baby I go back to my old clothes or just have to buy bigger clothes until I fit into my old ones yuck!

Anyways one of my favorite stores to shop for maternity clothes is http://www.melissareneematernity.com/because they have really cute dresses and neat swimwear. I can buy the boring stuff like plain shorts other places but at Melissa Renee Maternity they have items I really love to wear.


We shopped online and found jeans with a stretchy elastic "top part". They work great!


While I was pregnant, I went to many maternity stores. I am not the average shape. I am 5'8 and slim, and people believe clothes are made to fit women my size. WRONG! I couldn't find anything worth paying for. Nothing cheap fit and anything that did cost approx as much as my delivery at the hospital. So I ended up trying on clothes in the store, THEN going and buying the exact same thing on ebay. You always get more for your money if you buy in lots and from the same seller. Good luck with the shopping!


This is exactly why I tried to have my kids on about the same timetable. I was lucky and I'm now pregnant and about two weeks "behind" where I was two years ago with my first pregnancy. People laughed when I said, "But I have all the seasonally appropriate maternity wear!" Now I can just point them at this post!

I second the recommendation for eBay. It's the only place I found pants that fit. Most stores and catalogs I tried last time seem to think women under 5'4" don't get pregnant. This time I have not needed much but I haven't even bothered looking anywhere else.


I bought all my maternity clothes in one of two places. The first was a second hand store that specialized in maternity clothes. The second? E-bay. There are tons of clothes listed, and you can always e-mail the seller to ask for the precise measurements before you bid on the item. I saved a LOT of money that way, and I was able to buy professional as well as casual clothes.


you should check out old navy maternity,they have affordable comfortable clothes,thats where I went plus I'm short too and most of their pants and skirts come in a short version so you aren't hemming or walking off the excess of your jeans, plus their kids section is great they sell warm clothes alot cheaper than some other places and if you know how their sizing runs you can shop online and save yourself the hassle of lines and the mall


Okay - first off - I agree with you. But, let's take a different approach. If you buy two pairs of pants - that you like and are comfortable - and wear then 3x/week for the next 11 weeks - that's 33 times. As yourself as you're in the $16 but not as comfortable pants - would you pay 50 cents today - to feel better (either in how they look or comfort...)

I'm all about being frugal - and I'm the last mom to really be good about making time for myself (I have long hair b/c I haven't been able to escape to get it cut for 6 mos) - BUT - I do believe that time, feelings and comfort have a definite value and sometimes we're being overly frugal.

Just a thought. Hang in there - and good luck with #2

Maria - mom to 3


During my first pregnancy, I was only about 3 months pregnant but my mom took me out for an afternoon of maternity clothes shopping, which was so lovely because it turned something which I would have dreaded into a nice way for us to spend time together. We went to Pea in a Pod and she very generously bought me a pair of courderoy trousers that cost a fortune- I think they were $175. But in the end they were cut so well and the fabric was so comfortably stretchy, I wore them from the 4th month all the way through til the delivery and then for the next 3 months. I even kept them in my closet this winter because they do not look pregnancy at all, since there are no elastic panels, etc. My point is, there is probably a lot of sense in buying something that fits really well even if it costs more because you will use it longer.


yes, i was just going to mention eBay, too....it is a GREAT place to find nice stuff without paying too much....


Oh, I feel for you. In fact, I wrote about this very subject during my first pregnancy (http://www.typepad.com/t/trackback/688607). And now I'm pregnant with #2 and, like you, giving birth at a different time of year so the summery stuff I wore early in my pregnancy the first time won't work for me when I'm in my third trimester this time. I've heard that eBay is a good source, so that's where I'm headed next. Good luck!

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