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November 08, 2006


mama without instructions

glad you feel better. i am in exactly the same boat and just wrote about it the other day myself. i will be so glad when this baby is born and all is well.


I agree with Amy. Seek out plenty of hugs.


I so know what you mean (I'm 16 weeks pregnant and have a 27-month-old son.) In fact, I just today filled a prescription for Lexapro. Because of the lying awake staring at the ceiling.


The good news is that my tetra screening came back negative after I wrote this. A week later, I had my ultrasound and everything looks "100% perfect" in my doctor's words. So my worrying has diminished considerably! :)

amy h.

Wow - this was good to read! I had never heard that women are more anxious the second time around, but that was certainly my experience. I actually had to seek counseling the second time around because the anxiety got so intense and overwhelming. Hopefully your anxieties will not reach this level, but one thing I learned during that time which helped me during my nights of staring at the ceiling was that possibility (all the things we fear happening) is different than probability (the chance of anything actually going wrong). Is it possible that something will go wrong? Yes. But is it probable given all the evidence you have to the contrary (weight gain, test results, etc)? No. And that's what got me through. Take care and seek out plenty of hugs. :)

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