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December 11, 2006


De Layna

people say times are simpler now mostly thanks to modern technology. You can shop online, use credit cards, dishwashers, caterers, etc. Still, I feel those were the good old days. When my late Grandmother talked about the holidays and life in general I pictured "Little House on the Prairie" life, They had the biggest spirits and grace. Stronger people than this generation with much more appreciation for the little/simple things. They were built for those times, we're not. Our children aren't built for our times either.

confused foreigner

It is true, my Mom has often made that comment that life really wasn't that simple back then. She grew up in that life, and while she sometimes is nostalgic when we are out visiting the farm, she has often said she would never want to go back to that time, because it really was hard.
But there really is an illusive simplicity that we all long for isn't there?

Robin P

I think everyone feels the same way. Simple is always better.

Luckily,Lillianna is happy with any gift she gets. If she were ungrateful the way some kids are,I'd ban the holiday completely.

I have to say that when we moved from our house to an apartment 4 years ago,we had to get rid of our fake tree. We've had a real tree for 4 years and I hate it!! The branches are too weak to hold my good ornaments. I need the metal,bendable branches of our old fake tree!!

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