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December 08, 2006


De Layna

I think you are very honest with yourself and others. It's human nature to err, that's why it's important to stay in the spirit. You showed responsibility by taking in the consequences of your actions. We all react to bad situations at times and completely forget our children are present. It's true, we set an example for our children but we make mistakes. The bottom line is, being able to recognize them and correct them. Congratulations.

Robin P

I think the real message is exactly what you said in the end. Telling your daughter you should've said you were sorry. That's the biggest lesson for our kids.

Lillianna knows that sometimes Rich and I make mistakes. Every now and then one of us gives her permission to do something that the other is unaware of and we yell at her only to find she had permission to do it. We always apologize and tell her we made a mistake and we're sorry.

She really appreciates our honesty and she confesses when she makes a mistake.

That's a great lesson for kids. Some parents wouldn't apologize and that's the saddest lesson of all.

You should be proud of yourself!


You mentioned something about if you had apologized to her that she would have not gone off on you. Did you not apologize for hitting her car with your door? I don't want to jump the gun here, but if someone hit my car, whether or not it left a mark, and didn't apologize I would be upset. I don't think I would have yelled at the person, but I would feel it justifiable in getting angry.

Keesha Mayes

Boy, your inner angst sounds like the theme music of my life! I have two daughters and a son. They are 10, 8, and my son is 4.

I think what saves me from those "guilt-ridden echoes" is the loving community of other mothers that I surround myself with. They remind me to stop trying to reach for perfection and just be. Children understand more of the complexities of being human, much more than we think. Its when we try to live in the "black" and the "white" sides only, is when they bust us!

When I say or do things that aren't "mommie-like", I have learned to go back and tell my daughters and son, that mommie is still growing up and learning harder and harder lessons on sharing, truthfulness, kindness, or whatever the blunder of the day. In this way, I am hoping that they will come away with a more grounded perspective of being human, and compassion for themselves and others.

Many Blessings, Keesha


I put my size 10's in it when I first arrived here - someone backed into me, and then parked up. I thought it was to exchange insurance info. As she walked towards me I apologised for HER having backed into me. She said 'excuse me?' I repeated, so did she as we got closer and closer together. I thought she was hard of hearing - she must have thought I was an idiot - whereas really I'm just a foreigner!
Best wishes

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