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January 30, 2007



My petite cousin, who was a young mother of 3 girls, like your mother, used to be pushed into the Children's Seats, at the movies by the ushers, who thought she was under 12.

Elizabeth Coplan

Isn't it ironic? We spend our youth trying to appear older. Now that we're older...well, you know. Recently I was forced to lie about my age. I thought you might enjoy my take on this all too frequent issue of appearing younger for society's sake.




When my mom was 36 she found out she was pregnant with my sister. I was almost 12 and had been an only child. In 1974,we didn't know anyone pregnant at 36! She was going to be 37 by the time the baby was born.

Once Kara started to crawl,Mom asked me to chase after her because as she said over and over again,"I'm too old for this."

Mom will turn 70 this July and she actually acts younger now than she did at 37! I guess that's because she's done raising us and she can relax???

Perspective is funny. A few years ago,Lillianna told her friends at school that I was in my 40s (I was 42) and Rich was in his 20s!!!! (He was 38!)


I suppose I fall into that "old" category as well. When I was teaching, I asked my students (3rd graders) to guess my age. Most guesses fell in to the 63-65 range. I was 29 at the time. Sigh.


I had my daughter at 44, and now she's 2-1/2. I can't wait (sarcasm here) until she drops that bomb on me. And to think that I'm thinking about trying for a second child -- that one would think I'm really ancient!


When I was telling my 4-year-old that we were going to go with his sister and her Brownie troop to sing Christmas carols "to the old people," he said, "Well, you're old, so you can stay there." Sigh.


Even with two kids and 37 years old everybody think I'm younger. My son, who's turning 8 in two days, doesn't even what to hear that I'm getting older. I guess he associates "older" with "dying".


It is true, though. All mommies are old! Before I had children, I was always mistaken for a lot younger than I was. Now that I have children, everyone thinks I look my 30 years.

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