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January 10, 2007


Antoine P

I just started exercising again and when you first start off it is very very hard so i hope i stick with it.

Antoine P

weight watchers is a great program to loss weight i try something like it but it didn't work as well as weight watchers so i don't know why i switched.

Andrea Chopra

Age is just a number, dear. You can achieve what you want if you put your heart and soul into it. Look at Nicollete Sheridan and Halle Berry, they look fantastic despite their age. You can do it too. Good luck!


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Emilia Pickrell

The best way to lose weight is to maintain a balanced diet, especially if you are into veggies. Green leafy ones are also very effective for detoxifying and flushing out waste and cholesterol in our body.

Bicycle Trailers

I don't usually spend a lot of time online reading blogs or article unless the are about football or cycling. So this was a unexpected bonus to come across this post.

Bicycle Trailers

I had been searching on google for blogs regarding fitness and biking when this post showed up in the final results. Although not really what I was looking for it was really worth the read and for that I would give it four stars.


Good post regarding the reality of gaining and losing weight. By setting small goals and reaching them, one may be able to reach their ultimate weight goals in a matter of years with constant diligence.


I know where you're coming from Kris. It is so hard to get motivated. My goal always seemed so far away I was quitting and giving up before giving anything a real shot. And exercise... I didn't even have the energy to exercise, let alone the time. And what about buying fresh, healthy food? Snacks and processed foods are so much cheaper, and often times easier to prepare. It's not easy, but being healthy has so many more benefits than being overweight.

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Maybe it's not the right time for you to concentrate on losing weight.


pleasure women

hello friend this blog about Desperately seeking my motivation I find very interesting, thanks for sharing the information and would like to see updates! Greetings!:D

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I enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for a wonderful job!


Work harder at it, never give up! It's not worth it.

Fast Weight Loss Diet

Many people need to shed weight, and lots of them are always on the look out for diets that work. The trick isn’t really finding a diet plan that works, but rather beginning a diet to which a person can stick too!



Kris, I feel your pain and I understand how hard it is. I don't suggest you try dangerous fat loss pills or fad diets, as you will just gain all the weight back. Have you ever heard of Calorie Shifting? Its a new diet technique and its been getting great reviews. Check it out at http://www.hardgainersguide.com/fat-loss-4-idiots/


Loved your blog and I totally understand about gaining and losing that 20-25 pounds and trying to find the motivation. That's where I am now - got the 20 pounds back and feel tubby even though people tell me I'm "thin." Not to me -- those 20 pounds on a 5'4 frame really show. My earliest motivation in my teens was a bet with my brother. That worked - lost 20 pounds. In my 20's someone I respected sat me down and told me that my career would go a lot farther if lost some weight and looked less sloppy. Lost 20 pounds. In my 30's I left my first husband, moved to another city, had no savings at first and couldn't afford to eat for about 2-3 months -- lost 20 pounds. In my late 30's, I joined WW (for health reasons - didn't want my dad's diabetes or my mom's high blood pressure) and lost 20 pounds. Now that I'm 46 and have the 20 pounds back, nothing seems to work to get me started. Last time I tried WW I was bored by the meetings and resented spending the $$ for meetings. I run marathons but half of the time my training is half a@@'d and I pop into Starbucks for a low-fat coffee cake. Did you ever find your motivation? What was it?


Oh how I love this blog! How did I find it? I typed in the search bar "over 40 want to lose 20 pounds". How funny. I relate so much to what you wrote that I could've written this one myself. I am 43, mother of 3 kids who this year will be 18, 16 & 11. After my first two I was oh so motivated and I got right back into my size 8. In fact I was a size 8 when I got pregnant with my 10 year old. But with having her at age 33 (that's my excuse)I have never gotten back down to my size 8. Maybe a 10 a time or 2, which right now I would be thrilled with, because I am a very well fitting 12 right now. Pushing 14, which I refuse to go up to. Anyway, I know the solution is motivation. Unfortunately for the same reasons you state, I just don't have it!


Good grief woman! I can't imagine where you are hoping to lose this weight from judging by your photograph? Do you have very big feet or something?
Best wishes


I've lost 54 pounds since Easter . . . without Weight Watchers! (I know! It's a miracle!)

I'm following the low GI diet (Rick Gallop's book) which is super simple. I figure that I will make permanent changes that I can live with for the rest of my life.

Twenty-two pounds left to go.

I blog about my diet at "The Amazing Shrinking Mom." :)


ok all, 130 IS expensive but then again you can just go to meeting for under 10 a week. I'm a weight watcher and if you want motivation, the meetings give you tons of it. It's also a way to carve out if just a bit of time for yourself. My leader is SO motivating it sets me up for success throughout the week. Love it!

Worth a try for what you get!


I bought myself training sessions at the gym. It has made me feel stronger in the last 2 weeks. Today I actually ran 1 mile without stopping and I know if I slack off, at my next session she will get her revenge. It is a great motivator!!!!!! Good Luck!!!!


A comment from someone past the child-rearing years and into the menopause years: Lose the weight NOW. There's no way any woman can adequately explain to you how difficult those pounds will be to lose once you start down the menopause slope. Sign up for the at-home Weight Watchers. When I did, my husband commented that the program kept me so busy I couldn't think about eating! And, it worked. Bottom line.


Thanks for this post. Now I have supported reasons why I don't have to do WW this year!


When you find that motivation-- bottle it up and send me some!

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