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January 09, 2007



I know exactly how you felt. I have received a number of unwarranted questions and ugly stares over the years carting my four kids around town.


I like it.

As a person who considers herself a bird/wildlife watcher, I have to say there seems to be a large portion of birdwatchers who are real know-it-alls. I spent an afternoon on a bird-a-thon (hee! I can hear you laughing), and by the end was emotionally tired by all the know-it-all birdwatchers. This Rude Woman came to the talk to prove how knowledgeable she is about birds -- and no kid was going to show her up. Children! My goodness, they'll scream and cry and scare away all the birds! ;) Maybe I'm off base about this birdwatcher thing, but in my experience, unfortunately, some are like that. Good thing Mr. Naturalist has an interest in teaching kids about nature.

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