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January 27, 2007



My "baby" will be 3 at the end of March, we're not only still nursing and cosleeping... but still nursing all night long I never thought I'd nurse past 6 months, but my daughter had other ideas... then a year was my limit, then 1 1/2 yrs... you get the idea. I myself was nursed until I was nearly four. Sure I haven't slept more then 3 hours straight in... oh almost 3 years, but I also have some of the most amazing memories and sweetest times now that I could only have experienced cuddled next to her in the early morning hours. Yesterday she woke me up by tapping on my shoulder and saying "look mama, it's moring time, mr. sun is out" and then singing a good morning mr. sun song that she made up just then before asking to snuggle some more and have just a quick sip (which always ends up being a good 10+ mins LOL).


My daughter is two years, five months old, and we are still going strong. I was the same way; I never dreamed that we would be nursing for so long. But we both enjoy it. I have a friend who nursed her daughter until just shy of her fourth birthday. I used to wonder how that could happen. Now, I finally understand.


Did you say anything to them about the positives? About the happiness it brought you and yours? Or did you not feel comfortable about it?

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