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January 18, 2007


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Roberta an anyone else struggling with night weaning - Dr. Jay Gordon has a good technique:
it's geared towards cosleepers but will work if you're not.
I think weaning is probably around the corner for us too (my baby boy is 21 months) and I am both dreading and looking forward to it :-)

Mary Ellen

I just weaned last week too and I'm having a harder time than my daughter is. I'm trying not to think about it too much because it's just too big - she's too old to still be nursing, I'm so sad that it's over because she's my last baby.... Through 6 years of infertility one of the most concrete mournings for me was that I might never get to nurse, and then finally, finally we had one child, then another, and they both were happy nursing children; now that part of my dream come true has come to an end. But it had gotten to the point where I wouldn't even admit to people I was still nursing my 29 month old. It's just such a wonderful sweet warm loving connection. So hard to let it go!


I am in the process of getting ready to wean my son who is almost 17 months old. I really am not ready to do this, but I can't stand the night nursing any longer. My nipples are sore and cracked, he constantly cries at the top of his lungs in the middle of the night "Boob Boob, mama, boob boob!" waking everyone up. When he does nurse after I try not to give him the breast I hear this "mama? mama? kiss kiss" my heart breaks! As my nipples peel off I think this has got to stop and then I remember: I will never have another baby. He is 2of2 a done deal. Never another baby to nurse, and I can't help but to cry. I love nursing, I love nursing him. Do I really have to stop? Nipples be damned!

Darla Dixon

I have a 15 month old, and it's amazing to me that even though he was on the bottle not the breast most of his life, I still had the emotional distress of weaning him over to a sippy cup. I never just handed him the bottle, I held him close, cuddled him, he played with my fingers and hair. I miss that tender time.


I remember weaning my kids. My oldest was weaned by her choice at 13 months and wasn't a big deal to either of us, my youngest at 16 months because of my surgery. I wouldn't wish those days on anyone! It was so much harder for me than for him because I knew he would be my last baby. I feel for you!


the thing about them breaking your heart: i think this is just practice for that. such an optimist, i am, huh?


makes u want to have another, doesn't it?

no more babies? get a puppy.


I always told myself that I would let my daughter choose her time for weaning. But, I will have to wean her if I want to have another one (I'm infertile, and the drugs for another IVF to allow me to use my stored embryos are not good for breastfeeding moms). So, here I sit, wondering how I could possibly take the one thing that is truly our thing away. It's hard to contemplate, even though my daughter is almost two and a half. I can't imagine that my heart would survive the tears.

amy h.

Oh wow - you brought all those emotions (times two!) rushing back to me. *sniff sniff* Those weaning hormones are a real phenomenon - but the change that goes on in your heart is just as powerful. Great post!

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