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January 29, 2007



It must have been fate that I read this article! :)

I read it on the 30th...then to my big surprise on the 31st I found out I was pregnant. Now I better go back and re-read it! :)


Ain't that the truth, sister! Nice to hear it from someone else!

RookieMom Whitney

This was an excellent post. I have #2 on the way and it's good to be reminded that a new set of challenges -- and the same ones we had the first time -- are a normal part of the experience.

Thanks for summing it all up, Kristin!


As I read through this, it conjured up memories of my daughter's first few months. A very turbulent time for me, but that's OK. What I didn't know then is just how normal everything I was experiencing really was. Thank for finding the words (and time) to share with us.

And I can only hope that #2 will be at least slightly less turbulent.....


And if it all bugs you, you're still a good mother.

Well stated.

slouching mom

So damn true. Every bit of it.


Oh, you brilliant girl! This kind of info, in it's brief, concise form is perfect for new parents. Write a little pocket book - it'll sell like hotcakes... All you've gotta do is find the time...!!!


I wish i would have read this when I was first pregnant. I just cut and pasted it to send to all of my pregnant friends...thanks!!!


Thank you. Every time I heard a friend, family member, or random person in Target say "Parenting....It can be so hard", it makes me feel better. My 1st just turned 3, and 2nd is 8 months...and these last 8 months have been joyous, yet excruicatingly difficult at times! I plan to forward this post to all my pregnant friends...couldn't have said it better myself.



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