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January 23, 2007



For me, it's parts of my two oldest kids' personalities that I'd like to switch. My oldest, a boy, is exceedingly shy. My daughter, who is 20 months younger, is so gregarious. I keep telling myself (in my head and not aloud so they don't hear me) to just let them be and to not ever, ever, ever say, "I wish you were more like [her/him]."


This is a great post to remind us that body image begins at home - and even with us as parents! My daughter is quite petite and people comment on it all the time - and it likely will be one of the reasons that we don't push to "test" her into kindergarten, though she'd probably be ready - she misses the cutoff by 13 days. An "extra year" to catch up physically will probably give her some comfort in the long run.


Oh, Dr. Seuss had the best answers for everything, didn't he?

Great post.

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