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February 22, 2007



well i think this a good thing to tell your mother but Kristin im 20 years old i still live with my parents and 10 minutes i make my mom cry i right now i feel so bad im crying and i really feel so bad , i really wanna change but sometimes is dificult for me but i just dont wanna make my parents feel bad. well your letter help me alot and if there is something you wanna tell me you can just email me that would help me alot well bye and thanks


Hi - This is the Mom responding. We all wish we could take back things we say when we are upset. But mothers have been teenagers and we've experienced these difficult years. I had to laugh when I read this post but now I remember that day and I could cry to think it has caused any concern. Important lesson here for all the moms of teenagers! Don't give up! Try to ignore these comments from your kids. My "difficult" daughter graduated with honors and has become a terrific mother. I love you Kristin!
Love, Mom

slouching mom

I'd love to hear your mom's response to this letter. The older I get, the more I realize how much our moms have to tell us.


Great post. I was just thinking yesterday about how as a mom I have to sometimes fake enthusiasm for my daughter. Of course I love her more than anything, but it's just fact that I don't always want to spend every second of my day catering to her needs. But parents have to fake it, especially for very young children who have no real context for understanding how you exist beyond them.
When I think about this, it makes me wonder about my own mom faking it for me, though, and it makes me a tiny bit upset that I'm not always the center of her universe, even as it also makes me laugh because...well, duh, I know that already. But on some level, we all need to feel that we are what makes the world go around, and a parent's task is partially to honor that.


What a great post! I often cringe when I remember things I said to my parents, especially my mother. Now, I look back in awe at all the things she did. If I can be even half the mother she was then and is now, my child will be very lucky!

Elizabeth Coplan

Your piece made me think of my own loving mother. She was a pioneer in her pre-mom days in the 1940's and early 1950's. Although she had many exciting adventures (including flying solo over the Artic Circle), I know that her family was the highlight of her life and making dinner for us was often the highlight of her today.

Thank you for reminding me of my mother. You brought back for me some wonderful memories. My mother is gone now, and I so wish I could talk to her about being a mom, especially a mom of teenagers.



Aren't we all just a bunch of jerks? There were things I said to my mom that now I would erase from her memory if I could. Luckily...she just knew I was a selfish brat and that i'd figure it out when I was a mom too. And boy am I EVER.


your letter made me think of myself,being 1 of 4 children also.I said some awful things that I know hurt my mom.Luckily being the wonderful Mom that she is she didn't hold it against me.Teenagers say stupid things they don't think before they speak or if you did at the time you still said it thinking I wonder what kind of reaction this will get me,really stupid .I know this now.I also know there is no greater love than you can have for your mom if your fortunate enough like me.I lost my mom almost 1 year ago she died in her sleep,I cry about it all the time she is so missed but the 1 thing she was sure to leave with me is how much she loved me and my brothers ,she told me how she loved being home with us when we were young and how the 4 of us were her life ,now I have twin 3 yr. old boys and I know what she means. Kris


I frequently e-mail or IM my mom with I'm sorries I did xyor z when I was a kid. I don't have a specific memory like yours (tho I'm sure I should!) but I have a whole new appreciation for how I must've driven her nuts. What a sweet post. I'm sure you made your Mom's day.


Awww... that is a sweet post. Thanks for taking the time to write it.

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