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February 05, 2007



Amy, Thank you for this post! Sometimes I feel self-conscious at playdates for drinking a Sierra Nevada. I mean, I see the sidelong glances from the other moms, the barely conspicuous flash of disapproval at my working-class beer bottle, as they slowly sip their second stylish appletini. Now I can feel proud knowing that there are other moms who prefer the hops, too!



Great post Amy. When I lived in NYC I went to a few mommy-coctail playdates. Most moms (or parents) had one glass on wine, responsibly.

Now living in sunny southern California, we have and go to preschool/toddler friendly family dinner parties. Most of those parties serve wine and sometimes beer. And again, the adults partaking do so in a responsible manner. There is always bottled water and juice, and I know more water and juice is consumed and any dinner party or bbq.

Thanks again for the post!


As the daughter of a tavern owner, I fully understand the labels and judgments associated with drinking.

But I'm also an advocate of drinking responsibly and I'm nearly always the designated driver for friends and loved ones because of my experiences as a bartender and daughter of a responsible beverage server.

It angers me to see people in this world who jump to conclusions about parents who have a drink in front of their kids. If we're not able to show them that we drink responsibly, who will? Their friends? I don't think so.

I'm so happy to read this post. Thank you.


I raise my glass to you...as a mother of a 13yo and a 15 yo, both girls they have seen my husband and I drink in a mature manner. Alcohol should not be taboo. If a person can imbibed with responsibility then so it should be and it is not our place to judge.

Z Recommends

Great commentary, Amy.

We have posted a Statement of Belief and badges at Z Recommends for mothers who blog or host web pages and would like to defend healthy attitudes towards parental alcohol consumption. We believe is an issue not only of parenting practice but of developing healthy attitudes about alcohol among our children. You can read the statement here.

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