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February 28, 2007



That is one of the most simply expressed, yet utterly beautiful expressions of the reality of marriage, that I have ever read.

And you are so right, about how you are teaching Lillianna by real world example. You stuck in there for her and your husband.

Marriage is work, but we're designed for it. The more we work at it, the easier and more gratifying it becomes.

Thank you so much for sharing this true to life marriage-saving success story.

As a professional counselor, I have a duty to tweet this!

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Marriage counseling is one of the best ways to solve problems in a marriage. For some, it is the last resort while for other couples, it is the first thing they consider in order to patch things up in the most efficient way possible.

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Hi guys. I like this comment "People who are divorcing should think as many times as they can before they part."Thank you

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Is very true friends Marriage is hard work, I like your post about marriage!

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Robin, thank you for such a heart touching post. A relationship as you told is essential. People who are divorcing should think as many times as they can before they part. Becasuse that effect in different ways.


Great post, Robin! I hope that you continue to work things out with your family intact.


This is a very sweet post. Although I'm not traditionally married (we are common-law), it is a relationship that needs, like you say, work. Like any relationship does. Especially while raising a child. How often do the parents get lost in the childraising part of the relationship and then just don't think it's important enough to make the effort with each other? We all have our reasons: tired, moody, pregnant, busy, blablabla.

Thank you for your lovely reminder. I think I'll delay my early bedtime slightly tonight to spend a few quality minutes with my hubby!

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